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Letter of Recommendation Problem!!

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I work at a nursing home/rehab center as a CNA mostly during breaks from school during winter and summer.  Although I have about 700 hours most of these have been with no direct RN supervisor just because of the way the facility is organized. There are LPNs that have supervised me, but I question the quality of the letter of recommendation many of them could provide.  A lot of them don't speak english very well or are very busy with health problems and may not have time to write a strong letter.  Although I will probably have one from a PA I've formed a strong relationship as well as 2 from professors that I have worked closely with for 2-3 years, I worry about the lack of a letter from someone who has actually observed me in a clinical setting.  It seems odd to me to not be able to produce a letter from where I did my clinical experience.  Should I try and get a letter from an LPN at work? Or maybe someone in administration... (although they really haven't observed my work ethic or patient contact...) Please help!!

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