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Letter of Intent

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Hi everyone,


I was recently waitlisted at one of my top choice schools and since I am an instate resident, I would get waaay cheaper tuition and also better for networking in the area I want to live in. Would writing a letter of intent to the program be inappropriate? For this particular program, they have stressed to us that a decent amount of people get pulled off the waitlist every year and I would like to reiterate why they are my #1 choice, without overstepping any boundaries. Any/all help is greately appreciated!

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Im only a prePA student so take my words as a grain of salt.

I wouldnt say it is inappropriate and I've seen many students who wrote Letter of Intent. But I dont think it necessarily helps a lot when raising your chances of acceptance especially if the waitlists are ranked.

If it is ranked they'll just fill the spots in order.

Ive also seen people ask the admission officer if they can write a Letter of Intent.

Persoanlly, I think itll be fine if you wrote one. The worst is they just disregard it and toss it down the trash.

Now the choice is yours. :)

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