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I have questions that I hope will be clarified in this forum.  This year I would like to apply to the UCD PA program, however, my GC/OC/Bio classes are mostly 9-12 years old.  My plan was to not take them again but take the upper division courses such as Biochem, Human physio, immunology, histology etc.  Anybody know if this is a smarter plan instead of retaking the basic sciences; and if the school will accept older prerequisites?


Does anybody know if the school accept upper division coursework from accredited on line schools such as UNE, Colorado State and Liberty Univ, etc?


Where do PA students go Davis or Sacramento?


What is the schedule like while in school? (starting hours and daily routine)




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What is your prior health care experience or other significant items? GPAs?


My instinct is that if you had a lot going for you on the rest of the app incl. good letters, essay it would be OK if it fits their guidelines. In these situations its often just important to have the numbers. If you don't stand out as much I would try to burnish that and maybe not take the upper levels online. Try to take them in a bunch to show you can still handle the workload. Community college is OK. I took a biochem class with Kaplan that was a nutrition course and although I learned some things it was not challenging. Some faculty may know this is the case and or just assume it. The schools often list their criteria for age of prereqs, online classes etc (some are 7, some 10, some no limit, but I think most of those are going to be too old for most programs). If they don't mention I would either call or just use your judgement per above. I took 2 Kaplan classes to meet specific one-off prereqs for specific programs (the other was med term) but OW took 3 core science per term at a flagship campus (I was very marginal candidate in several ways).  The online classes are also a cheap way to juice your CASPA GPA and they often have slots throughout the year. I was able to add 7 cr. of 4.0 goodness to my GPA in a little over a  month. CASPA counts everything and you can use that to your advantage. 


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