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I am finishing up my last four rotations and will graduate in May 2017. I will graduate from Nebraska but am moving to Maine this summer. I have no connections to anyone in Maine, so I was wondering when would be a good time to start applying for a position that I could start in August/September? I have my resume written and have explored several job opportunities online that I might consider in Maine from websites like indeed.com. Is applying for a job now too soon? If so, when should I apply?

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I graduated in August. I started looking for a job a couple months before my graduation. I used websites like Indeed and DocCafe and I received a lot of "call us back after you pass the boards." I had a contract signed a month after I graduated. Most of my classmates have similar stories. There was only a few that had a contract signed before graduation. 

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I am also scheduled to graduate in May, 2017, so I feel your situation. I've been applying to jobs for a while now (probably 3 months). Some may say that's a little aggressive, but I've gotten plenty of places who have been interested, and I just accepted my first job yesterday. I'll say this-for every 10 jobs you apply to (via Indeed, Monster, etc), you'll probably only get a bite from a recruiter for one of those jobs. It's definitely ok to start applying early, just be prepared to hear a lot of "you're too early." In my opinion, it's better to have a good job lined up; one that you've had plenty of time to search out and feel out without having to feel rushed close to graduation. Just my two cents! Good luck!

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I graduated in August 2015, and I started the process in April. I had a phone interview in April, a face-to-face interview for a different job in June, and finally had 2 interviews and 2 job offers just a couple days after taking the PANCE. There's no harm in starting to browse and apply for some jobs in the next couple months. From my experience, it seems most places are wanting to hire ASAP, so they may not be willing to wait for you to graduate, and you'll have much better luck as you get closer to graduation. By the way, I was in a similar situation, applying where I had no contacts. However, it was in one of the top markets for PA's in the country. Not so sure about Maine.

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It'll take a little while for you to start your first job because you have to take your boards and get your license etc.  If you're positive you want to go to Maine, that's great because you can get your license before you have a job offer and it'll make it easier for you to get hired.  It takes about 2 months to get credentialed somewhere and about a month from the time you apply, go through interviews and get the offer.  I'd say start applying around May, but definitely scope the job market before that to see what is out there.  I already had an idea of what I could expect to get in my area well before I applied and it helped me feel confident about the position I took.  If you find a job you like sooner than May, apply for it.  There's no rule.

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    • By Rylie
      First, I would like to start off by introducing myself. 
      My name is Rylie Yager and I am a junior in my undergrad at Grand Valley State University. I am majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience, minoring in Psychology and Biology with a pre - PA emphasis. 
      Due to the competitiveness when it comes to admissions in to PA programs, I have been attempting to prepare to become the best possible applicant for when I apply to PA programs next summer (2022). It is stressful and beyond overwhelming - especially being that I am the first member of my family to be attending college, let alone grad school. I've had to figure out everything related to college on my own; from scheduling courses to managing everything that comes along with being a college student whom has to finically support themselves simultaneously. Thus far, I feel like I have been keeping up with the punches that this new journey has thrown my way. Now, I am on a new journey to become a PA - which is terrifying but also exciting. Being that I have been working along my education journey on my own, all I know is from research that I have done myself and contacting facility at my university. But I would like to receive more input and advise that could help me - and I am sure many others - on this journey of becoming a PA. Being how competitive it is to be admitted into a PA program, I am doing all that I can think of to become a worthy applicant - and would love advise from others who are on this journey and those who have surpassed it and are willing to give advise on how to get there. 
      I have listed some of the things that I have done/currently doing to help prepare me for my future in a PA program, and as a PA:
      Work Experience:
      Server in a nursing home
      Receptionist in a nursing home
      Medical technician in a nursing home
      Behavioral neuro technician in an inpatient facility
      Mental health technician in a psychiatrics hospital (current)
      Overall GPA: 3.678
      Fall 2021
      BIO 328 SWS Biomedical Ethics
      BIO 376 Genetics Laboratory
      CHM 232 Biological Chemistry
      CHM 232 Biological Chemistry Discussion
      CHM 232 Biological Chemistry Lab
      PSY 300S WS Research Methods in Psych
      367 Health Psychology
      Winter 2022
      AHS 100 Medical Terminology
      BMS 212 Introductory Microbiology (RETAKE)
      213 Laboratory in Microbiology (RETAKE)
      PHY 200 Physics for the Life Sciences
      PSY 400 Advanced Research in Psychology
      BIO 121 General Biology II with lab
      BIO 355 Human Genetics
      CHM 231 Introductory Organic Chemistry with lab
      PSY 303 Psychopathology 
      PSY 311 SWS Controversial Issues Psych
      PSY 330 Foundations of Behav Neuroscience
      BMS 212 Introductory Microbiology
      BMS 213 Laboratory in Microbiology
      BMS 251 Anatomy and Physiology II with lab
      PSY 324Developmental Psychopathology
      WRT 219 Creative Writing Workshop 
      CHM 230 Intro to Organic and Biochem with lab
      FIT 125 Performance Weight Training
      HST 102 European Civilizations
      PSY 364 Life Span Developmental Psych
      WRT 150Strategies in Writing
      BMS 250Anatomy and Physiology I with lab
      CHM 109 Introductory Chemistry with lab
      PHI 202 Ethics of Health
      SOC 105 Social Problems
      PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
      BIO 121 General Biology II
      Academic achievements: 
      Deans list
      Writing portfolio utilized by writing department for grading scale
      Crisis Hotline
      Community Food Bank Grand Rapids 
    • By THfuturePA
      Hi all, 
      I recently had my second PA school interview for this cycle. As I reflect on my interview, I realize I might have made a huge mistake, because I address my interviewers by their first name instead asking them what they would prefer. I was nervous and one thing I kept reminding myself is to thank the interviewers by their name before exiting the room. 
      This interview is MMI style, so I am not sure how much this mistake will weigh in my interview.
      Thoughts? Any advice would be much appreciated. 
    • By Gilyprepa
      Hey everyone, there are still tickets available for those who are interested in the Loma Linda PA program. We have changed our event from zoom to being ON CAMPUS. There will be prizes raffled off. Due to some restrictions still being in place, the tickets that are being sold will only allow one person per ticket. More info on the flyer and event bright website. Thank you so much! Hope to see you there. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/llus-3rd-annual-pre-pa-conference-tickets-145958073527
      prePA conference final draft flyer On CAMPUS.pdf
    • By jcrispy
      Hello all,
      Long time reader, first time posting. I recently secured a job at a vascular surgery practice working with 2 different surgeons. The job includes working in all clinical settings (OR, inpatient, ICU, and clinic), but I am especially excited to be in the OR. My start date is at the end of August so I will have some down time before my first day. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to how I can prepare so I can put my best foot forward when I start. Books, online material, videos etc. (I am open to anything really). I do understand that the first year, as a new graduate, can be tough especially starting off in a surgical specialty.
      Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!
    • By abaren
      Hi everyone! I’m looking to take on some more pre-PA students who need help with CASPA review, personal statement brainstorming/editing and interview prep.
      I’m 4.5 years out of PA school with experience in NYC and Baltimore and am a former interview committee member! 
      Please send an email to applyingtopaschools@gmail.com for more info and pricing!

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