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Study methods for medications...please help!

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Hey all,


What are your methods for studying all the medications and their associated indications, contraindications, side effects, adverse reactions, and follow up/monitoring? I have classmates who make charts, others who make flashcards, etc. I am open to trying these, but want to see what other people do as well.


I am wondering if anyone has methods that really help them for long-term learning. If so, what do you do and why does it work for you? 


Thank you so much for your help,




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Personally, I drew family trees of, say, the cephalosporins. Each major branch was a generation, with the drugs at the "leaves." I underlined the prototype drug and listed its major features and then wrote next to each of the other drugs what made them different. I used colors for things like one being costly or having an unusual reaction or whatever.


This took time, but that was where much of the learning took place. The night before the exam, I posted the trees on the walls of my apartment. I found that my mind could even recall the shape of the trees during the exam. I can still remember some of it now, 11-12 years later for families I don't generally use in practice.


Other than anatomy, I was not particularly visual as a learner. And not the world,s greatest straight memorizer at 58, which is how old I was at the time. And there was no way that building tables or using a giant stack of flashcards would have worked for me.


Good luck!



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