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Is it Worth Transferring?

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Hello, I'm a new user on this board and am in a bit of a pickle. I was originally a Pre-Nursing major, but switched my major to biology(pre-pa) before taking the TEAS for Nursing. Marywood University has a 5-year PA program that undergrads can transfer into with the only requirement being a 3.0 GPA. The only catch is that admission into the professional phase (the actual PA program) is competitive, and still requires an interview and possibly even GREs. 


I'm in my sophomore year and am a bit behind since I had to switch from Pre-Nursing, but have managed to finish both semesters of general chemistry, and Biology I. I was wondering if it would be worth it to transfer into this program in the Spring semester of my sophomore year and finish Organic I and II over the summer so that a good chunk of my Science pre-requisites will be finished. Any current transfer students at Marywood are welcome to chime in as well.


Also, how many of you guys in the Pre-PA track were accepted into the professional phase? What was your GPA and HCE?

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Hey Getlept, 

So I'm not in your program but my current program does have the same model (3+2 combined)  and from what I've seen, and this just me, if you can finish out the nursing go for it b/c unless you want to restart into this program or go through CASPA right away you would definitely do well to have a job to fall back on.  If you need to get into a program feel free to PM me, I applied to a bunch and got a lot of interviews and I'm not the most competitive  candidate.   Restarting just for the sake of restarting is going to be SUPER costly (generally speaking I can't speak to your circumstances) but if you've got decent grades getting to a program isn't impossible.  Hit me up w/ any questions. 

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