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PANRE on-line study tools.. need quick advice please!

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I've used PAEasy and did not like it at all... some folks on here have said that they have revamped their software so it might have changed. I used Kaplan and highly suggest either RoshReview or PanceMaster.


As for PAlife-SmartyPance I cannot speak to that but I used the free podcasts "The audio PANCE/PANRE" podcast that does a quick 10 question review with explanations that were done by Steven Pasquini(sp?) who runs PAlife. They were great to listen to in the car.


Good luck on the PANRE!

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If I might suggest visiting our website at www.precipiolearning.com.

We have quiz sheets for $1.99 and a complete Pance/Panre online tutoring review course for a low fee.

We've helped 12 Ortho Panre PAs pass with our awesome program in the past 2 years!


In any event...

All The Best,

E. Redfern

Office Administrator


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