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How long did you study NRCME before the exam?

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I'm just curious.... I am taking an NRCME online course right now for DOT. I start my new position in Occ Med and UC soon.


How long did you study the NRCME materials after taking the course before you took the exam?


I did a NRCME practice test before even knowing any of the material and got a 61%, so I'm not too worried about the test at the moment..... Just kind of want the test phase out of the way.

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As a new graduate when I took the NRCME exam, I was pretty nervous, so I studied more than the above suggested 5-10 hours.


After having taken the examination, I can say it is a rather easy test.  As long as you know the basic requirements for DOT Physical Examinations, and common medical knowledge/sense... a couple of hours should be sufficient.  (Essentially read the handbook that comes with your review course over a handful of times.)

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It depends. A lot of the material is pretty straight-forward. But it can get confusing. The 5-10 hours mentioned above sounds reasonable for most people. Some of the biggest value to review courses is the material you get to keep and use as you continue doing the DOT physicals. Great for quick reference if you get stuck.  


If you're interested, I have a coupon code for PAs ("physicianassistant") to get 40% off anything from The DSG (DOT Study Guide). It might be worth checking out. Here's the link: dotstudyguide.bandcamp.com


Good luck on the exam!

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    • By Reality Check 2
      I am looking ahead on my schedule to see what awaits Monday.
      Have a DOT exam on a 53 yr male who sees my partner and a GI doc.
      Listed as primary biliary cirrhosis with NO alcohol involvement and esophageal varices.
      Have not met this patient yet but have concerns and am researching.
      BMI 32, normo if not low tensive but not hypo, nonsmoker.
      GI lists Child Class A and MELD 9 - researched that since not in my daily vocab - very lowest on scales of mortality with 2 yr survival at 85%
      The esophageal varices worry me the most. He has 2+/ 2 channel varices on nadolol to reduce risk of bleeding.
      My first DOT impaired behind the wheel thought  --- sudden coughing fit and varices rupture and he bleeds out and wrecks the truck into a school bus full of kids.
      Turns out he works for the railroad but goes out on the tracks in company vehicles and big equipment. 
      GI says "don't lift heavy things"..... ummm, helpful - not. What does that mean - 20 lbs?.... I know it increases intrathoracic pressure with lifting and risks the varices. What is the actual risk? 
      Natalie Hartenbaum's book doesn't address this particular issue.
      Looking for some GI colleagues or DOT junkies to throw out some advice.
      I will undoubtedly be calling the GI doc who will have zero understanding of DOT........................
      Trying to work ahead and avert issues.......................
    • By Jennifer_Glass
      Did anyone here recently take the NRCME course,and if so, can you PLEASE recommend a particular institute that offers good, over all NRCME training online. I have found one website ( nrcmetraininginstitute.com )
      but they charge 350 USD, and offer only 500 practice questions. Is there another online institute you would recommend, or should I stick to this one?
      If possible, please recommend ANY study tips, and resources for this particular examination, thank you very much in advance.
    • By chatcat
      Like many other PAs ,I have been perforning DOT exams for decades. It's a pretty straight forward examination with well defined parameters . As of May 2014, only Certified Medical Examiners will be able to perfom DOT exams.
      To become a Certified Medical Examiner you must:
      Be licensed, certified, or registered in accordance with applicable State laws and regulations to perform physical examinations Log onto the National Registry System and receive a unique identifier Complete required training Pass the Medical Examiner certification test Report results of driver exams every month via the national registry system Submit to periodic monitoring and audits Maintain certification by completing periodic training every five years and recertify by passing the ME certification exam every 10 years  As it turns out the "required training" ranges anywhere from $425-$590 for eligibility to sit for the required examination. Even for those who have been doing these exams for decades, there is no opt out of the training to qualify for the exam.(not even a self study model is offered) I have no problem with requiring competency with DOT exams, but requiring all applicants to support redundant training has raised my hackles.
       Leave it to the federal government to makes this process as expensive and burdensome as possible.
      National Registry of Medical Examiners
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