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Application Cycle?

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Hello ya'll!


I recently decided to become a PA. As I am getting informed about all that is required to be a PA; any extra help is appreciated. Knowledge is power!


I know that CASPA is the main application manager but I am little confused on how the application cycle works for PA schools.


Little background about me:
Currently abroad doing an internship(research) at a Hospital.

Coming back to the states August 2017 to resume my last year of undergrad.

Graduating May 2018.

Currently (3.2GPA - 3.0sGPA)

GRE (Pending)

Shadowing hours(Pending)


What I know:

I need to have a decent GPA/sGPA.

I need to have shadowing hours. (Expected to start on them when I go back to the states) Suggestion on how many?

3 LOR'S.

Good Resume & Personal Statement.


What I don't know:

- So let's say I graduate May 2018. When are applications due? When do interviews and school start? Mostly likely I will be a year without school - but that's the price I get for studying abroad; which I don't regret :) Can someone explain the cycle please?

- I am not familiar of how to get direct patient care hours; if I am still a full-time student?

- As stated above I graduate May 2018. I don't think I can turn in application October 2017 since, I won't even have my shadowing hours done nor taken the GRE. What are your suggestions on this scenario?


Again, I would deeply appreciate your thoughts/comments/suggestions on this case.


Thank you for your time y'all!

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The CASPA cycle runs from April to March each year (the current one started in April 2016 and runs to March 2017) and the deadlines for the individual schools fall inside that chunk of time. Most schools have deadlines between August and October, but in reality, pretty much all the programs begin reviewing applications as they come in, and turning in an application by the deadline can already be considered too late. Most advice is to apply "in the Js" meaning June and July of the cycle at the latest for best consideration. If you graduate in May 2018, you'd be looking at applying in the April 2018- March 2019 cycle at the earliest. School start dates vary, but for the 18-19 cycle would likely mean you'd start sometime from Fall 2019 to January 2020.

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