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It varies depending on the practice. Some is inpatient rehab while others are outpatient pain management. Both can be considered rehab, but very different. check out this thread http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/forums/showthread.php/23311-Pm-amp-r don't discount pain management with the fallacy that all patients are drug seekers. That is not at all what it is in a well managed practice.

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Huge spread of what u can do. I hav done per diem for physiatry inpatient ward and later shared office space with out patient PMR



Can be anything from a pill pusher productivity machine to a mini House MD running you own inpatient ward. Lots of specialization within the field as well. I.e. Polio mngt, CP, post cva, pain mngt and oh so much more



The biggest hing is figure out rather you are compitable with he job that is offered. I love working inpatient with doc's that trusted me but flatly turned downorking for the new group that came to town. In my own little world the dual boarded IM and PMR doc's were far better then the straight PMR doc's....

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May I ask why you are considering leaving ortho?



I haven't gotten a raise for the past 4 years. I brought up to them that I make less than a new grad and their response was that if I work extra I'll make that much, meaning if I work after hours and weekends I can make that much assuming there are cases to assist in.

I recently gave birth to my daughter (3 weeks ago) and thought this was a good time to look around. I saw an opening for PA in rehab medicine but don't know much about it.


I like ortho and all, but I'm getting tired of being used and abused without any reward....and empty promises

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Ugh. Yeah feel your pain. My employer said that i wont be paid for call and the raise they spoke of last year wont be coming as they put in an EMR. No mention of my productivity but they did mention the doc partners are just trying to make an honest living...... 200+ k per yr for IM doc..... Yet I am stuck at 85k per yr with out profit share with 10 plus years exp seeing 25 patients per day and receipts about 300k. Some doc's are just to gready and to short sighted for their own good. Opening my own practice to control my own destiny.....

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