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FM position, or keep looking?

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I am a new grad PA and received a FM offer earlier this week. The package is competitive, but there are some downsides to the position. After an initial period, I would be working between several clinics. Also, I would prefer an IM job, as I am not too keen on seeing pediatrics, but I could do it. I am in a major metro area, and can’t relocate at this time. The market here is tough for new grads. I have no other offers at this time, and only had several other phone interviews. I am conflicted if I should take this job to gain experience, and hope to move onto an IM position in the future (I am assuming this shouldn’t be too difficult?), or if I should keep looking?


Thanks for your advice! 

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The good news--if you are so inclined--is that in my experience, family medicine in major metro areas doesn't see all that much peds or women's health.  Rural, when there are no pediatricians or OB/GYNs nearby, you would see a lot more of them.

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