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CME Allowance

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I am curious how much everyone gets for their yearly CME?


My offer letter stated $1,500 and up to 5 days off with department approval "for the first fiscal year"


Now that a year has gone by, the department head is stating that there have been "severe budget cuts" and that there is essentially next to nothing for CME (though there is money for the physicians to go to conferences etc).


I have spoken to many of my friends, and it seems $1,500 is standard, and some places even up to $2,000 a year.  



Am I at their mercy, or do I stand my ground and demand appropriate CME allowance?

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If you don't have your CMEs, you do not have a license to practice medicine, which means you can't work for them. That would be my argument. 

Essentially they are stating that if I attend grand rounds weekly I would get 30 credits a year through that, and then can take some free online CME activities to make up the rest.  Possible... Yes.  Optimal education... No.  Fun/Interactive... No.

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UVAPAC - if it were me, I would strongly question the efficacy of what is being offered.  The point of CME is to learn and stay up to date on new medical practices.  Obviously that goal is not always achieved, but it is the goal.  Can that goal be achieved with what your employer is offering you?  I had a job offer that offered $0 of CME and 0 PTO, because there is "free CME online."  This was an orthopedic position and based on the PAs I've asked, there is not enough free orthopedic CME available to meet the requirement, so I would be completing CME for other specialties...which would be a waste of time for my supervising physician (for example: no one would pay to send me to a OB/GYN conference if I'm working in orthopedics, wouldn't make sense).


Again, if it were me, I would want to be paid for attending grand rounds, assuming that becomes the requirement, and the result is that you end up working more hours.  My guess is that your work outside of grand rounds won't decrease, which means you are effectively taking a pay decrease...not acceptable in my opinion, especially as you now have another year of experience under your belt (whether that is 1 year or 13).


Disclaimer:  I am almost a new grad PA

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$3500 for PAs in my ER. My coworkers and I were getting this from our private ER group when we lost our contract to a big national group. They agreed to match it but wouldn't cover DEA/license separately, which was a change from our previous employer. A couple coworkers and I will also be at the Costa Rica conference in a couple weeks :)

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$1500 per year, no rollover.

Zero days for CME - comes out of meager PTO.

Not ideal at all.

I wanted to accumulate any unused $$ to put toward a masters plan but doc nixed that concept.

So-- use it or lose it.

Private solo doc family practice.


Since NCCPA is still a generalist exam - we all need generalist CME and those aren't free.

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$2000, no rollover, 5 days of CME. Conferences have to be in continental US. They pay for state license and DEA without taking it from the CME money as they are essential to practicing, but not PANRE since you technically can still work without the official certification. You can use your CME money for it however. 

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