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Urology: third agreement in 3 months, help

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I signed on as a new grad in urology a year ago.outpatient no call or weekends.

Original offer was 85k with bonus based on productivity. Up to 30k if you saw 20 patients per day on average. Good benefits.


Month 8:agreements were redone company wide. New offer is 95k to 100k base in 3 years, 5k bonus, and cost of living adjustments.I signed and accepted.


People had issues and this agreement was tOsseo a day later.


Month 11: I'm given a new offer for 90k with 5k bonus. No increase with experience.no cost of living adjustment. I've been offered an additional one time 5k bonus because I said this was unacceptable.





This is my first job as a new grad. I'm absurdly stressed out at this point just because of constant negotiations. What should an outpatient urology PA actually be making? I will likely leave a this point but I'd like an idea going forward.

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Honestly you need to reach out to other PA and NP in the facility and organization


This is a case where (gulp) standing together and considering a unified voice - is key


You are being treated like a cost center and instead you are a revenue generator - big difference!


Also, if they signed contracts and there was no out clause - you might have an attorney review it



Honestly - contact a union rep and ask them to talk with you purely off the record - see if there is an interest in coming into your organization..... (And I hate unions! But they have a time and place)

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I have reached out and this is the end result of three months of renegotiations- pay cuts across the board. The HR department has told me I'm well under market and wasn't worried about sharing that since it had been freely released to us in June. Some midlevels are leaving the rest are close to retirement anyways. The company can't be salvaged I'm more or less wondering what I should ask for elsewhere.

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Ugh. -ban MIDLEVELS from your vocabulary - especially if you are trying to elevate your pay - "heck MIDLEVELS only deserve mid pay"



Polish up the CV




Counter offer them with what you would be willing to stay on at



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