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ROLL CALL... Introductions (First Post)

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ALL veterans Stand Up and Be Counted.     DocNusum Former 12b/91B2p Sapper Airborne Medic 8 years Army Airborne     Now Sound Off...

Hello my brothers and sisters in arms.   I am Dr. Frank Crosby, DrHSc, PA-C, Lt Col (Retired) USAF Graduated from the IPAP predecessor--Air Force/University of Oklahoma, 1982.  Retired

Army here. 5 years - Sgt 68W - Infantry Medic  Got into PA school a few weeks ago!

Posted Images

7.5 yrs as AF intel

2x non combat AFG tours

Just got accepted to ISU PA program starting in Aug '19

Trying to figure out what role I want to play in post school military, not AD again for sure.  But thinking of switching to USAR or USANG, feel like that would be a better fit for me.

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Prior service 12Y

Enlisted AUG 2010

Fort Polk, LA APR 2011- AUG 2014

Green to Gold Huntsville, TX AUG 2014- MAY 2016

Commissioned 11A in MAY 2016

Rotation to the Republic of Korea AUG 2017 - FEB 2018

1-5 CAV, 2 ABCT, 1CD JUN 2017 - Current 

Currently applying to IPAP for FY2020 fingers crossed. 


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US Army Medical Dept. ⛑                                                         MSG/68W5VW1  🇺🇸                                      Spec Ops Ranger Medic                                  Med Ret./100% SC

1997-1999~ BCT- FJSC , Ranger Indoctrination/RIP,  Abn Crs - FBGA.

1999-2001~ FBGA~ HQ, 75th Ranger Rgt.                               2004-2006~Pre-Ranger,  Spec Ops Cmbt Med FL,WA~ BN Aid Stn; A Co 2/75 RGR Rgt   1998-2009 Active

Encino, Ca: 425th Civil Affairs, 75th Training CMD

2009-2017 USAR


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Was a fortunate one, I stumbled into aviation medicine Tech HM8406 and was stationed at NAS Pt. Mugu in Aviation Physiology Training Unit, when I checked in we had a Senior Chief Parachute Rigger as our Leading Chief, he asked me if I wanted to fly SAR, and at the same time handed me orders to Imperial Beach for SAR swimmer school.

After I came back from that, went through Aircrew syllabus training and qualiffied as SAR HM and 2nd Crewman (Swimmer) on SH-3G Sea Kings, also started flying in research program with VX-4 in back seat of F-4s for VTAS system, Oxygen systems and Egress systems.  Then at Pt. Mugu we transitioned from SH-3 to CH-46, and I became a Phrog Phlyer, then was squadron Corpsman with VP-65, and HAL-5.

Got sent to FMF school, then on to MCAS (H)Tustin and HMM-163 Evil Eyes as squadron Corpsman, next tour was as SERE instructor at Warner Springs Det, teching field medicine, RTL, Desert Survival and Cold Weather Survival and was also instructor for CSAR (Combat SAR), After that tour went to Marine Mountain Warfare Training Center Pickle Meadows,  was assigned to teach in Mountain Medicine Cold Weather medicine training course, also to fill SAR Corpsman billet, but we didn't have an aircraft assigned, so was mainly a RedHat Instructor for Winter and Summer packages, also taught High Altitude and Mountain flying courses.

Also Senior SAR Corpsman at NAS Fallon.

Last duty station was I&I Staff Corpsman in Sacramento.  Left Navy with a little over 7200 hours as Aircrewman.

For Grunt Docs... "Walk a week or fly an hour"  your choice.

NEC's HM 8401, HM 8404, HM 8406, 9502 and 9505 (SERE Instructor), AIrcrew Qualified Feb 77, EMT-P through LA County Fire Department.  I considered the PA Pipeline, however didn't want to be restricted to clinic setting, which is where most Navy PA's were at that time (70's, 80's).

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Was USN for 17 plus years ’74 to ‘91, EMT-P

-          Entered USN in ’74 went to bootcamp and HM “A” school in San Diego.

-          Attended AVT school at NAMI, P’cola HM8406

-          First actual duty station, NAS Pt. Mugu Aviation Physiology Training Unit – upon check-in, senior enlisted at APTU asked me if I’d like to             fly SAR and said congratulations here are your orders, off I went to Imperial Beach for SAR swimmer school.

-          Flew Station SAR at Pt. Mugu in SH-3 and CH-46’s also got time in EC-121K, P-2V7, P-3A/B, S-2F, C-1A, T-2C, TA-7C, EKA-3B, EA-6B, F-                 4B/J/N and F-14A.  Was fortunate to work on special projects with VX-4 on VTAS system, O2 and egress systems for high                                     performance aircraft.  Was interesting because VX-4 flight surgeons were dual designators (Flight Surgeon and Naval Aviator) One I
           logged most time and research with also had a MS in Aerospace Engineering and was a Naval Test Pilot (he was a graduate of Navy
           Test Pilot School)

-          Qualified Naval Aircrewman Feb ‘76

-          Squadron HM for VP-65 and HA(L)-5, flew many hours, initial NATOPS Q on UH-1N with VXE-6

-          Went through FMF training at MCB Camp Pendleton HM8404

-          Squadron HM at MCAS Tustin with HMM-163

-          Deployed on DETs to Okinawa, Cubi Pt. P.I., Diego Garcia, Christchurch

-          Naval Instructor School then on to SERE school Det at Warner Springs as RTL and Field Instructor 9505, also taught Combat SAR,     
           Desert Survival (El Centro) and Cold Weather Survival (Whidbey Island)

-          Next assigned to Marin Mountain Warfare Training Center, Pickle Meadows as SAR HM and to teach Cold Weather and High-Altitude
           Medicine, and instructor with Summer and Winter package Mountain Leaders Course, also High Altitude and Mountainous Helo
           Operations Instructor

-          Senior SAR HM at NAS Fallon

-          Final duty station I&I Staff Sacramento – med boarded out due to physical injuries incurred in two class A accidents and subsequent
           DJD of hips.

-          Trained as EMT-1A in USN and EMT-P with LA County FD, was EMT-P/Fire-Fighter Douglas County, NV

-          After USN, became Electrical Engineer, was Satellite and Data Comm engineer with IBM, got MBA in Project Management and MS in


Being an Air side HM, I used to tell folks I was an aviation spring tester as the caduceus has wings, and all navy aviation rates have wings, and the intertwined snakes on the staff look like a spring.

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Army 2011-Present

Currently serving in Korea and I am surviving COVID-19.

Earned my commission as a Military Police Officer in 2011 and graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Resigned my commission in 2017.

I have been a Warrant Officer since 2017 - Present.  

Goal is to go IPAP and I am pending SAT and shadowing hours.

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Enlisted in the Army in 2013 as a 68W in the Georgia National Guard.  

While enlisted, I joined Army ROTC at Georgia Southern and received my commission in 2018 as a Chemical Officer in the Reserves. Medical Services was my first choice, but there were no units available in the area I live in. Chemical Corps was my 2nd choice.

I also graduated with a 4 year degree and have been working as a X-ray tech for 1.5 yrs now. 

I am currently prepping to get ready to apply for IPAP. I will be going to school in the fall to take a CHEM 2 class then possibly Ochem or biochem in the spring. I also will be taking the SAT. 


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Hi All, 

Ryan here.

USN/USMC, Retired: Hospital Corpsman (NEC: 8400), Fleet Marine Force Trained (NEC:8404), Preventive Medicine Technician (NEC: 8432). Was San Diego, CA. based - Naval Medical Center San Diego, Naval Air Station North Island, USNS Mercy. 

In ATL now, just starting my PA-C pursuit. 



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