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I was wait-listed as well. It seems like everyone got wait-listed at St. Scholastica. I have not heard anything from the school about getting off of the wait-list. Has anyone else? I am also wondering if there might be some movement after they get accredited. Fingers crossed! 

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I heard that students that were accepted last year were given priority this year due to the program not earning accredidation last year. This could very well be a rumor. I also got an email saying I was on the waitlist in December, but I just recieved an email this morning with an offer of Admission! They are still waiting to hear about accredidation until the end of April.  Best of luck to everyone!

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Boja1103 you are correct in that those that were admitted were asked if they wanted to hold their spots. I do not know how many actually did, but I do know of a few that went other places. I was in the group last year (was waitlisted) and the rumors flew of all waitlisted students at that time were to be accepted and the initial acceptances were only half the class. I know a few of us who were waitlisted chose not to reapply due to how last years cycle played out. Good luck to those that get in as the new building is beautiful and being a CSS grad I can tell you where you want to avoid for places to rent :)

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Guest PALois

@jdamrowski - I am applying to PA school for the first time this cycle & I am planning of applying to St. Scholastica for this year (if they get accredited). While I live in MN, I have never been to Duluth so I wanted to know if what advice you have on what places to avoid for rent & how safe you felt on campus. On their website they have a link for BlueStone housing. Do you know anything about that? 



Thank you & any info would be appreciated! 



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Most college students live in the woodland, east hillside area. Bluestone is very nice but it is expensive. However there are apartment complexes such as Highland Village, Summit Ridge, Campus Park, and some town homes like Aspenwood that students frequently rent from. The CSS main campus I felt very safe, its small, well lighted and campus security does rounds on the hour. Overall in Duluth I felt safe in most areas (downtown and west duluth you should not walk alone). It is not overly cheap to rent in Duluth due to college population, but you can find deals and I would suggest finding another student who gets accepted into the program to room with.

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Hey guys! Does anyone who applied for the 2016-2017 cycle have any tips for those applying for the current cycle? Also, does anyone have any idea how tough it is to get accepted to this program with an accreditation-provisional status compared to an accredited program? Thanks!

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      Hi All,
      I was wondering if there are any places taking students for rotations starting in Jan 2021? 
      I would love a rotation in San Diego sometime between January and April as my husband is mobilized there with the NH Army National Guard.
      Other areas of geographical interest are the Midwest, New England, Alaska and Hawaii for Jan 2021-Dec 2021. Specifically rotations located in the following places:
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      Hi Everyone,
      I am looking for shadowing opportunities in the Gwinnett Co. area of GA.  Specifically,  in Duluth, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Snellville, Norcross, or even Suwanee.  I work in a clinic full time right now, usually from 7am-3:30pm.  I can volunteer with anything you need as well.  Most of my experience is in physical therapy (outpatient) as a front office manager/pt tech. 
      Thank you!
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      Hey all,
      Just got my interview invite for St. Kate's today so I figured I start a new thread for anyone else applying! Best of luck to all!
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      I want to transition to a medical career.
      I need to decide between PA school and Med School; shadowing will help me do that.
      Does anyone know any PAs or MDs who would be willing to arrange for me to shadow them?
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