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Is Florida moving towards allowing PAs to prescribe?

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Hello everyone,


I am hoping for thoughts on the momentum of the state to allow the profession to join the other 48 states which allow PAs to prescribe. The PA program for which I am applying will award me an associates degree, so moving among states (which may require a higher degree) could be problematic.






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Physician Assistants can prescribe in Florida.


(e) A supervisory physician may delegate to a fully licensed physician assistant the authority to prescribe or dispense any medication used in the supervisory physician’s practice unless such medication is listed on the formulary created pursuant to paragraph (f).

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I don't live in Florida, so I can only say what the Florida Department of Health says:


[TABLE=class: faqtable2]



[TD]Is a physician assistant (PA) allowed to write a prescription for a controlled substance?[/TD]




[TD]No. PAs are not allowed to prescribe controlled substances under any circumstances.




It doesn't really matter which is accurate, neither is a good thing and makes Florida a state I would never work in.




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