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2017 SUNY Downstate PA Application Cycle (Applying 2016)

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I've been accepted to the program and am looking for others who got accepted, I have a bunch of questions.


Is there a way to private message? (I just signed up for this forum today) if so please contact me.


Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to u. I really need some tips. What did u do differently on your app this time around? Did you rack up more hce hours? More classes?

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So while it's important to know what i have on my resume isn't the blueprint in getting in, I'll share a bit. If anything my takeaway point is don't give up try try try again because that's what I did.


I completed all their requirements n have a decent GPA so I didn't want to spend $$$$ on classes that I know I didn't need and won't drastically improve my GPA. I have a BS in bio.

I volunteered in the surrounding community and still am, I dedicated a yr long commitment.

I became an EMT (though Idk if that meant much because I got an interview a month after I started working, my patient care experience from this application was the same as last application since I submitted my application before I started working, I just noted I recently became an EMT n was seeking employment.)

Went to info session and open house.


those are my biggest difference on resume.


I think I was much more confident with this interview than last. I prepared more for it.


Hope this helps you guys out, PM me if you have ?s but this pretty much sums me up.



Good luck! Don't give up!

Thanks so much. This puts things into perspective. I will be PMinh u soon tho!

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I was accepted today! Very excited!


The interview is very low stress, and they ask the typical questions..just make sure you know your transcript and can explain any deficits.

Could you expand on what kind of questions they asked? And did they make you write an essay?



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Could you expand on what kind of questions they asked? And did they make you write an essay?



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Yes you write an essay, they give you a rundown on what the expect the day of when they offer you an interview. I googled PA interview questions to help me prepare.

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