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I will be moving to Boston, MA with my SO who will be a fellow at Brigham & Womens Hospital next June. I am currently practicing in Urgent Care in Pennsylvania. I have a little over 1 year experience with a company I love, this was my first job out after graduation. At the time of the official move in June 2017 I will have 2 year of UC experience.


This being my first PA job, I have no experience with relocation (new state license, when to start searching for a job, headhunters, etc). I had planned to start looking in October - is this too soon? When should I get my MA state license?


Thanks for any input!

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I would get the MA license before applying to jobs, that way employers will see you are ready to go. If I remember right state licensing can take up to a couple of months. 


Indeed.com or the MAPA (state PA group) have good job listings. Or if you know you want to work at a certain hospital just search their listings directly. Recruiters are out there but unless you want a locum/temporary gig my experience has been I can find the job listings myself without their help.


How soon to start looking depends on what type of job you're looking for. If you want to stay in UC, those jobs are relatively plentiful. Something like derm will take longer. Credentialing can take 2-3 months. To give you a rough idea, I work for a large hospital system, application to 1st day on the job was 6 months.


Good luck!

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