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I applied last year and interviewed...put on alternate list ...last year was my 1st year applying...applied this year again

If I'm not mistaken people were notified in January and interviewed in February, and I was contacted in February and interviewed in March. We interviewed in groups. I really can't speak about the int

I still haven't heard anything! Has anyone heard from them yet?

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I want everybody to have a safe and wonderful Holiday season. Enjoy your loved ones and take time to appreciate things that we have. At this point there is nothing more you can do in regards to your applications. Sometime after New Year, some will get emails with a time slot to interview. Some may not hear anything. You will not be notified if you are not selected. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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ADP, as you interviewed with the program last year, can you offer any advice (while staying fair to everyone) about the interview process at Tri-C/CSU? Also, how long did it take for them to contact you after the interview? I know someone who was accepted, and she was notified only a few days later. Was that your experience with being placed on a wait list?


EDIT: Also, how early did interviews start?

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If I'm not mistaken people were notified in January and interviewed in February, and I was contacted in February and interviewed in March. We interviewed in groups. I really can't speak about the interview itself but know it's something you can't really study for. The interview lasted a little more than an hour-I think, It was not a concern at the time. I was notified a few days later that I was on the alternate list and that if I were to move up I'd be contacted. I never heard back.

Advice: relax, know yourself and your experience-know that it's an interview you can not study for. Check your email and junk email


Finally I commend everyone for being interested and passionate about the health of others. Know that you are all good candidates in your own ways and that if your not selected it does not mean you should not strive to become a PA, some apply several years. I wish I could tell you everything about the process but it's not fair to others that are re-applying. I hope the best for each of you.

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ADP, when contacting the program directly through email what is the average turnaround time? I sent two emails back in August and October with no answer to either. I am emailing because there is an articulation agreement if you did your CSU undergrad in Health Science, there are minimum spots they take. 

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Typically you will not get a response in my experience, which is understandable as they probably receive 100s of emails daily. Also they must remain neutral with candidates. If there is an allotted spots for CSU undergrads you have an advantage and that is really it. If your application met the requirements you may be notified in JAnuary or February and interview. I am not promised a spot or interview this cycle and I was on the alternate list. If you have questions research the forum and online or post your question and someone on the board may know.

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I am a current member of the first year student of this program, I have tried to resist the temptation of responding on this forum but i think it is a huge disservice if I failed to represent my program and my potential Alma mater as an ambassador that I am.


Yes the program has its limitations and short comings, but please do show me a program that is fault-proof, the sad news is there is none. I was accepted into four program prior to even been interviewed in Feb 2016 at CCC/CSU PA program and some of the friends I made in my previously accepted program have one or two complain about their current program. For example, a student from one of the program I was accepted complained bitterly about their clinical anatomy class and CCC/CSU clinical anatomy class and professor would probably be your favorite class of the program.



Think of PA program as a marriage. For you to enjoy the marriage amidst it's ups and down both partners have to be compatible and to be mentally ready for the bumpy ride. The key word is compatibility. What makes this program compatible to you and what makes you compatible to the program is totally subjective and i would highlight some of the positives of joining the program and I would debunk some of the myths.


1. It's the oldest in Ohio with over 40 yrs of producing competent PA's. They have a great network of alumni is Ohio and the current AAPA president is an alumni of the program. First hand testimony from me, I was lucky enough to shadow two chief PA (Cleveland Clinic and Mercy Health)....both alumni of the program.

2. Never for once lost accreditation for over 40 years.

3. Cheapest in Ohio and probably top 5 cheapest in the entire nation. Post graduation you don't need to worry about huge student loan.

4. Well rooted in ohio and in the community. You will learn that medicine extend beyond just popping pills sometimes society responsiveness also make a huge difference

5. The school is in the city. Lots to do at all time.

6. Affiliation with Cleveland clinic.so you have high chance of doing your clinicals in Cleveland Clinic or its affiliates or at UH. Imagine that in your resume.


That was my primary reason why I chose the program. And those are my objective assessment of the program. Yes it does have its limitations but no program is perfect....sorry to burst your bubble.


As regards the alleged cheating that went on in class. I am trying to stay off that topic as much as I can but I trust that the administration would never allow that to go on under there nose. There were CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence without no CONCRETE evidence that these colleague of mine were cheating. The right channel was used to convey these allegations to administration and due process was observed with thorough investigation and they were found non guilty as evidenced with them being in class. So these colleagues of mine are sweet individuals and i am pretty sure are innocent of the allegations levied agaisnt them after rigorous investigation that took weeks.I can assure the administration frown on cheating and academic dishonesty and they take it seriously evidenced by history of evicting anyone or group suspected and found guilty of cheating in the past. In this profession there is no short cut and if you are caught doing one I can vouch administration don't take it likely. I respect the review of whoever had posted previously maybe that's the way he/she feels curently, sometimes marriage don't work in the immediate, it might take couple of therapy session but maybe the same person would see reason come spring semester maybe this marriage was meant to be after all. So to every potential PA student this program has been awesome to me and my colleagues are wonderful, sweet and good hearted people. Yes sometimes we fight but in a professional way we kiss and make up.


Yes we have interim director who is currently the dean. They have been good enough to step in and fill the void left by the director. Steps have been taken to get a permanent replacement. Admission assistant for the program Belinda Wiggins is a sweet soul, always willing to help.


Yes one of our Class for the fall semester was super challenging but not all class and professor teach or relate to student the same way. This PA school journey is crazy, think of it this way 4 years worth of med school squeezed into 28 months. So technically there is a lot of self studYing and personal development. What makes a great PA, a ok PA and a mediocre PA even though these three steps of PA are nationally and state licensed and credentialed to practice is the extra step you take to personally develop yourself. So I saw that super challenging class I took as a blessing in disguise and a rite of passage because maybe it would make self reading post graduation pretty easy because I had to read really wide for that class. Guess what post graduation every 10 years you have to write and pass PANRE to keep your license so the skills I have gathered for that super challenging class might just come handy.



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Thank you for posting your replies...as someone who was on the alternate list last year I would still accept an invetation to the program if offered next cycle even after reading the post. The program was in a transition phase, and olumide007 points were the exact reason I applied to only this program. Everyone I shadowed was an alumni and had nothing but great things to say about the program. I'm not sure of everyone's age but I am a non traditional applicant. I held very high positions in very well known companies and had "dream jobs" as some may say, but even there we had issues with coworkers and higher ups. So to all future applicants; no PA program , co-workers or future employer will be without there issues. My advice is consider all these posts and strive to reach your goals even if it comes with some bumps along the journey. Anthony D

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