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Hi guys,


I have been working in family medicine for around 10 months in Houston TX. It's around a 45 minute drive from my house both ways and I am getting a little burnt out from seeing 20 patients a day 5 days a week. I make 90k a year and have 3 weeks vacation and 1 week CME (which I can use as vacation). 401k after one year, no health insurance (i dont really need it since I am under my husband), malpractice without tail. I have always seen myself just doing family medicine for a year, and then going into another field like dermatology.


I was recently offered a position at a allergy clinic. I feel like this might be a stepping stone to dermatology because they see a lot of skin allergy patients? I'm not sure. Anyways, the benefits are 100k, 2 weeks PTO, no extra for CME. health insurance, paid licenses, and that's about it for benefits. I would travel between three locations depending on what day it is. All locations are between 30 minutes - 45 minutes from my home. I would see less patients -around 8 - 10 patients per day. 5 days a week. I kept telling him that I wanted 4 weeks PTO. But he said he cant offer that because then he would have to close the entire clinic whenever I take off. I feel like the salary is really good  but the PTO is just so low and I love to travel. It's also still super far from my home and I really wanted a position closer to home..


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Ignoring the differences between family medicine and allergy clinic - it seems like the differences are basically seeing less patients per day, making $10k more per year, while giving up 2 weeks PTO.  Then of course you have to consider the cost of leaving a job that doesn't have tail coverage - you should really try to change that ASAP if you stay at your family medicine job.  Maybe research how much that would cost to cover yourself and negotiate that instead of your next pay raise.


Unless you are truly interested in allergy clinic I don't really see the upside.  If you currently work 40 hours/week then you are making $1,800 per week.  You gain $6,400 before taxes and lose two weeks of PTO changing jobs, assuming you still work 40 hours/week.  Not much of an upside when you are probably in the 25% tax bracket (at least).  That means you really only bring home $4,800 (double check my math, I did this quickly).


If you are feeling overwhelmed seeing 20 patients in family medicine with 4 weeks PTO, I see it becoming worse with only 2 weeks PTO.  The days might be more relaxed on average with only 8-10 patients, but stress builds over time and your PTO is paltry.  Plus, the patients are probably more complicated, so I doubt it will be that much more relaxed overall.


Personally, I wouldn't take it.  But that is me, and you are you.

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Remember to always counter. In this case you can counter to your current job or the new allergy job offer. Counter for what you want and what you are worth. Add up the number of patients you are seeing times the billing codes. It's hard to subtract the expenses because they are shared but at least know what you are bringing in.. If you have never done it before it can be astounding. I recently found I was getting royally ripped off.

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