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Can someone suggest and online Biochemistry course?

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Hello, I am done with most my prerequisites and in desperate need of a decent, online biochemistry course. Seems one must be matriculated to take this course at a 4 year college? I am in NYC. My cuny school is not allowing me permission to take biochem anywhere because they claim it is not a required course for me to graduate. I have searched endlessly and the only biochem related course I found was the New England Medical Biochemistry but from the description, does not seem like this would be the correct one to take.

Thank you in advance and good luck everyone who has applied for this cycle!


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I took this course through University of New England.


that was a valid class? It seems like a more medical approach but that should be great. Did the schools you applied to accept it without hesitation?

Thanks so much

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I took this course through University of New England.


Apparently I have finished all these "extra" classes you're talking about and there is no room for me to take it so they denied me the e-permit (this is a request to take it at a different cuny since my cuny no longer offers it). I went to my school and was unable to do anything about this. The science department was outraged and called Registrar but they said these are the rules. So I am losing a year and I am not young anymore. Very distressing.

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On 10/8/2019 at 2:35 AM, mrrichards1022 said:

I took it through Doane and although it was expensive, it was worth the price being that I work full time nights. I learned a good bit even thought it was just 8 weeks long. I’m glad I chose to do it through them. 

I know this was a year ago, but you have to "attend class" at certain times with Doane or no?

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