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AAPA calls for Full Practice Authority

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Truly amazing


Simply stunning that AAPA in a few years time could turn itself around so much


It is a testament to folks like Dave that have gotten AAPA to wake up and listen to the reality of the medicine today and where PA's need to go to protect their own profession....


Great job!



Worth the read too!!

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Guest Paula

This is great and a document that state chapters can use to advocate for collaboration and autonomous practices at the state level.  They have provided us with good links to research and reasons for the progression of PA practice.  Love it.  Good job, AAPA. 

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Good for them. They may win me over yet if they keep this momentum up.


They have so much political power that is just untapped.


I'm even starting to like their rebuttal of the NCCPAs proposed certification changes. It looked good on paper to me at first but why should we submit to more and more complicated testing??

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Saw this on Facebook yesterday. I immediately went and paid for my AAPA membership for the first time since graduating. Always said I would join again if they did something like this and i put my money where my mouth is.



Welcome aboard.  Next stop you will be president of AAPA!  

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I think that job is more well suited to better men than me!



I think it is your "picture" that convinced me you can do the job. Very thoughtful with the glass of wine poetically poised to sip and ponder the next steps for PA progression.

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aapa is coming of age, i will now join and show my support for an organization that is showing that it listens to those it claims to represent. i dont think this would have happened without PAFT.

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I think it is your "picture" that convinced me you can do the job. Very thoughtful with the glass of wine poetically poised to sip and ponder the next steps for PA progression.



Paula, Paula!  How can one disrespect the fine work of Hawkeye and Trapper John with their in-tent still of fine Gin for their afternoon/evening/early morning martini's (usually with a young nurse wrapped in the other arm)?  They had to be dry, VERY dry (I think Hawkeye commented that he wanted sand to pour out of the glass at one time).  This my friends is why one is required to take chemistry, not for the medical aspect but for aftercare enjoyment of fermented beverages!  If wine was needed for the menu then I'm sure Radar could've gotten some on the black market since he could get everything else when needed.  I think just punishment would be having to spend a half-hour with Frank Burns.  ; -)

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Great job aapa. Makes me want to contribute. Any reason to think the VA would reject this?


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YES - because we are not NPs!!






Once again we lost.  At this point we are like the Cleveland Browns, we field a team every year thinking "this is the year" "it's going to be different this time" and the NPs just keep beating our brains out and we lose like we were born to lose while they win for simply showing up.

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