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Poorly written recommendation letter. What to do?

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I have a huge dilemma....I am really worried about my application because I have a poorly written and obviously not thought out recommendation letter. I had asked my boss for a recommendation letter almost a month before the due date. I asked her because I trusted her. I saw her as a reliable person who knows my work ethic well and who also supported by endeavors. She willingly agreed to it, but I found her scrambling to write it the day before my designated due date.  She took less than 30 minutes to write it while I was having a panic attack. On top of that, she spelled physician assistant as physician’s assistant. I know it was a terrible letter because she gave me a copy after having submitted it. I am so disappointed and worried. I initially only asked 3 people for recommendation letters, but after seeing the lack of effort and thought my boss put in to my letter, I was able to get one from someone I know I can rely on. I don’t know what to do and am really, really worried about not getting in to PA school. I know recommendation letters are not weighed as heavily as your coursework, grades, and healthcare experience, but it still worries me. I am just in utter shock and disappointment because I really did not expect this from her and this is my future we're talking about! How will PA schools view this? OMG, I am so worried.

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First, you need to calm down. Your giving me a panic attack just reading your post.


Did your boss actually submit the letter to CASPA yet? If so, there is really nothing you can do. If not, then just delete her from your list on CASPA, talk to her later about it, and add the other person you have in mind.


LORs are important, but as you noted they may or may not be as important as PS, GPA, HCE, GRE, etc.


Did you keep reminding your boss of the letter, or did you just wait until the last minute and tell her? If you waited until the last minute, then that might explain her hasty letter; you were having a panic attack for Christ sake, what do you expect :).


All humor aside, just take a step back and calm down for minute. I'm sure if your other LORs were good and the rest of your app is fine then adcoms wont ax your application because of a single LOR.

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If it's just poorly written and does not say bad things about you, I wouldn't worry. I wouldn't judge the recommendee on the recommender's ability to form a grammatically correct sentence.

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One my writers spelled it as physician's assistant too. No need to freak out. As long as it paints an excellent picture of your personality, work ethic, and likeability, you're fine. Breathe, go outside, play Pokémon Go.

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