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    • By PAStobe
      Hey Everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. For the longest time, I was dead set on going to Rutgers/UMDNJ (since I did undergrad here), but applied to 9 other programs, just in case. As it turns out, I was accepted to Rutgers very early before hearing from any other schools. Since PCOM was my #2 school, I decided to go to the interview and loved it! Now that I have been accepted, I cannot decide which program to do. Both programs are relatively the same price with PCOM being a year shorter.

      I’ve seen posts like this before and I understand that it is an individual decision that I have to make myself, but I am hoping for any insight from any current students or practicing PAs about how much this all matters! 
      Good Reputation-Program since 1976 Good PA faculty that teach clinical classes High PANCE Pass (High 90's-always above average) 11 Rotations 9 required/2 elective ICU/Critical Care is a required rotation-what I am interested in Paid Deposit already  3 years-allows you to learn more material  
      First semester is only a review of science prereqs-biochem, genetics, cell bio etc.
      Do not start anything clinically related until 2nd/3rd semesters. 
      Facilities are older
      Completed Undergrad here-time for something new?
      No white coat ceremony-seems trivial, but it is something that I have always dreamed of...
      Prosected cadavers
      Approximately 1-2 people decelerate per semester due to variety of reasons (some academic)
      High PANCE pass rate (usually 95% or above) Brand new simulation lab See standardized patients weekly from the sart of the fall semester Faculty appeared responsive/welcoming during interview day  Connected with Osteopathic med school Allows for use of DaVinci simulator Campus had a "welcoming" vibe 26 month program-done quicker Dissected cadavers-first summer is spent only doing anatomy/phys  
      Less rotations ​8 rotations 7 required/1 elective No mandatory ICU rotation Not as strong reputation as Rutgers/UMDNJ PCOM-1998 Rutgers-1976  
      If anyone could give me any insight at all, I'd greatly appreciate it. I have about 2 weeks to decide whether to accept PCOM's offer or not. 
    • By rtamakawa
      I didn't notice a forum for this program, so I thought I would try to start one.  
    • By McMEDIC
      So, I thought I would start a thread to calm some nerves (or worsen them if you haven't studied) as to my pre-PANCE habits and averages. I hope other feel free to add!

      Study Time:

      4 solid weeks.
      The last 2 weeks I focused were focused on "the big 4"
      (cardiology, respiratory, musculoskeletal, and GI)

      Study Tools: (Both CME4LIFE and Rutgers have discounts, private message me for details if after you
      have played around with them and like them to save some $$)

      CME4LIFE PANCE PREP Videos - great linking techniques, make recalling information quick and
      easy. Felt like this was worth every penny! Sitting for 5 hours
      your brain begins to 2nd guess itself. However, the linking
      techniques made recalling answers EASY! So I felt confident
      with my answers.

      Rutgers - MY CME - This is a must have for me. It was a full review of all of the blueprint topics but
      wasn't so deep that you'd get in the weeds. This (added with CME4LIFE) was
      the BEST decision I had made for PANCE prep!

      Comprehensive Review NCCPA BOOK - eh.... This wasn't my favorite. But it was a nice reference
      when I wanted a little deeper answer than what Rutgers or
      CME4LIFE gave.

      Now for the study guides:

      PAeasy - I would do 60 question quizzes and would allow for it to show me if I was right or wrong. I would read the correct answer and the explanation to EACH question. (I know people say they have something like a +/-5% accuracy HOWEVER if you read the explanations you can dodge that issue)
      PAeasy scores- averaged high 60's to 80's for each 60 question block. Overall score of 73%

      Kaplan - I would do the same as paeasy. The question were harder, no doubt, and I would score 60%-70%

      Final word, I walked out of the PANCE feeling like I passed. In the past I would have horrible anxiety testing/post-test but I really felt like I was a week away from getting my "C" and sure enough I got it yesterday. SO, good luck to you all! Now go STUDY!!!
    • By truth-sets-in
      Hi guys, 
      I am currently a sophomore at rutgers university.  I am applying to 1 accelerated program with Rutgers/UMDNJ this upcoming April.  Can you please review my criteria in order to help me strengthen my application???  Please keep in mind that I am starting my sophomore year this September, so I have not had as much time as traditional applicants.  
      Major: Public health (no minor required because it is a credit intensive major)
      cGPA: 3.95 (got 1 B+ in english)
      sGPA: 4.0 (took orgo at community college)
      I still have to take bio I/II/lab.  Rutgers does not require any upper level bio prereqs to apply.  Will finish Bio I by the time I apply.  I will be able to apply while still having prereqs pending.  
      -dental assistant/surgical assistant: 800 hours, paid
      -currently a Physical/Occupational therapist aide: 450 hours by the time I apply (paid)
      -Taking a CNA course currently, 40 hours of clinical experience (volunteer)
      - Senior Squad member- work along side EMT's and paramedics/respond to emergency calls- 350 hours by the time i apply (volunteer)
      TOTAL HCE HOURS: 1640 hours
      - shadowed 5 different PA's (including an experience at Riker's Island and the Hospital for Special Surgery), in the specialities of cardio surgery, orthopedics, psych, bariatrics, and general surgery. - totals at 40 hours
      - accepted into a shadowing program during winter 2014- unknown amount of hours. 
      School involvement: 
      -AIMS: achievements in math and science- a program for freshman students with a strong interest in math and science- access to mentors/tutors/guest speakers/field trips/reserved seats in science and math courses
      - NSCS- honor society for top 10% of freshman and sophomore students
      - Sigma Delta Tau- social sorority
      - pledge class scholarship chair-  ensure the pledge class maintains academics during the pledging process
      - Rutgers Blog writer- able to give advice and share my experiences using the Rutgers Blog as a medium
      - Allied Heath Professions Club
      - Eta Gamma Sigma- honor society for public health students
      LETTERS OF REC: at least 3
      - Owner of dental practice where i worked
      - Physical Therapist where i currently work
      - A PA who has mentored me/set up shadowing experiences for me
      - My orgo professor
      - Possibly my frozen yogurt boss/owner (ive worked there for 4 years)
      Work NON HCE
      - frozen yogurt- past 4 years, train new people, open/close store, etc
      - RU disability services- scribe for disabled- take and upload notes from a variety of classes
      Volunteer non HCE
      - dance marathon for embrace the children- 35 hours
      - Prevent Child Abuse 5k race- 5 hours
    • By mic87
      Just wondering if anyone has heard back yet? I recently got an email stating that I wasn't competitive enough for the program. My GPA is 3.97. I have over 6 years of HCE, and 2 years of research. Besides the prerequisites, I have taken Biochemistry, Calculus, Physics, Neuroscience A&P I and II.. and many more courses and experiences.
      Geez what else do they require? 
      I believe that it was a mistake- perhaps some email glitch.
      I have a meeting with the admission officer tomorrow. 
      I'm wondering if anyone else is having these issues?
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