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I don't really have a trend to my transcript..?

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So, my freshman year I got 2 Cs, both in chemistry. I was 18 years old at the time, and I feel like that's easily explained.

However, my sophomore year I got my first C- (which I actually asked the professor for, because at my school you can only retake a class with a C- or lower), then I got a 3.6 (first time on dean's list!), and last quarter I got another C in biochem. 


I have no idea how I'm supposed to explain this to adcoms.


I would get it if I did terrible, then started doing better, but I'm all over the place.

I have a personal reason for doing terrible that last quarter, but it's not something I think I should discuss with an interviewer :(


I'm not sure what to do.

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Are you applying this cycle? You might consider waiting and retaking those classes and getting a better grade. If you retake those classes and take a few other upper level science classes and do well, you will create a trend and that will be much more convincing to an adcom that you really are capable of handling PA school. Your non-trend kind of indicates that you haven't found a way to effectively study and that maybe some classes were just easier than others. If I were you I would actually honestly evaluate your study habits before you worry about how to explain them to an adcom.

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Meh.  4 C's over 4 years.  So you aren't a straight A student.  It is what it is.  You don't have to have a 'trend'.  


I had one random C my sophomore year and a couple of Bs my senior year....they were more difficult classes and my schedule got harder.  I never even considered that I had a 'downward' trend.  If your GPA was roughly similar over each semester and year it just means you're...wait for it...an average student.  So be it.  

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