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I am an online tutor for the PANCE/PANRE and for PA students. I'm a retired M.D., retired since 2002, with 22 years teaching PA's, medical interns and Med. students. As far as I know, I'm the only live online PA Tutor in the country! I have been tutoring matriculating PA students and PANCE/PANRE students for 6 years. 1,200 Power Point slides covering all of the Topics from the NCCPA's Blueprint are reviewed online with you while we view the slides and talk over our computers using 'joinme.com'.


I've had enormous success with my students pass rates and it has been gratifying. It is especially gratifying when my student has previously failed 2-3 times.

I have had over 50 students from some 18 states across the US,


In addition I tutor PA students matriculating in school who may need some help.


I ONLY tutor PA students and I am fully committed to the PA profession because I believe in it. While in practice I worked with PAs, and found them to be Far superior to other 'similar' providers.


Please feel free to call me at 617-816-8467 to chat and visit my website at    www.pancetutor.com

I've got one tutoring slot open as of today.


We are in the process of developing our new website and service to also offer a complete and pre-recorded review for the PANCE and PANRE with the same tutoring that has been so popular and so successful.


I have not been able to accommodate all the nice students who have asked for help on a private tutoring basis in the past, so I have recorded all of my lectures.

The recorded lectures should be available soon.



John Athas






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Hi Jathas, 

I read your qualification and teaching experience and really impressed with that. I would recommend that you join some reputed educational portal like Solution Inn, Tutor.com etc so that maximum students can get benefits from your skills and experience. You can sign up and and after completing your profile you can offer your services then earn money and it will also help in your reputation 

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I have personally used Dr. Athas after failing my exam twice. I started working with him a month after failing the second time and 3 months later I took it again and passed with flying colors! My third time taking the exam was actually extremely different in that thanks to Dr. Athas I was able to fully understand how to approach each question and had the knowledge base to work through them. The two exams I had taken before I would come to a lot of questions and have no idea what to do or what the question was referring to. 

He has an online course you can purchase but I recommend paying the extra for private tutoring if he has the time because, not only do you get one on one tutoring with excellent anecdotes to help you remember diseases, but also he provides you with added materials that help with recognizing topics on the exam. I tried multiple different tutors who did not know the PANCE and were merely helping me study for a generic standardized test and none of them worked. Dr. Athas is the only one who I found (after relentless searching) that helps you study specifically for the PANCE. Try him, you will not regret it!

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I also personally tutored with Dr. Athas and wanted to share my experience with those who are struggling.

The first time I took the exam, I got 336 (passing was 350), then I studied more, 4 days/week, while working 2 days/week, and having 1 personal day, I used Rosh and Pance Prep Pearls. I decided that to solidify everything I learned, I should take a CME review course, during which I scored above average, and 4 days later I went to take PANCE for the 2nd time - and failed again - 345 (passing was 350). 

I felt very defeated, that after almost 6 months of full time studying, I did not pass by 5 points. 

My previous PA school advisor recommended Dr. Athas for 1:1 tutoring. I was so desperate, I figured, if I have already studied for 6 months, done over 3,000 questions on Rosh and read Pance Prep Pearls cover to cover about 10 times, I had nothing to lose... I had a total of 4 tutoring sessions with Dr. Athas (2hrs each). I have also watched all of his videos. He provides a different approach to learning medicine, which is what I was lacking. The videos truly helped me understand the mechanisms of action and physiology of diseases and medications, which I had memorized before, but did not truly understand. 

I took the exam for the 3rd time, and scored 407, which was passing. 

I cannot thank him enough for tutoring and the online lessons, they truly helped me see medicine in a different way. 

For those who have failed once, don't wait... Just sign up for this course, I wish I did after the first time.

Fellow PA-C

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Hello Everyone,

I also have been tutored by Dr. Athas. I graduated PA school August 2019 and sat for my PANCE exam in November 2019. After numerous hours of studying and taking off from work to study; I found out I failed with a 307. I was crestfallen but knew I had to sit for the exam again. I worked through the holidays and scheduled my new test date for April. This time I had rewritten PANCE prep pearls in my notebook and cross-referenced information with smartypance (a website a fellow classmate had suggested). I also signed up for a CME course to ensure I would have every topic covered.

COVID hit and my exam was cancelled. After working again and studying I finally reapplied to take the exam but this time I found myself searching for a PANCE tutor because I still felt I didn’t know the material as well even after hours of studying. It is in this forum I found Dr. Athas. I read the previous posts and I appreciated the honesty of the other PA-Cs experiences. What caught my attention immediately was that Dr. Athas was recommend by a PA school advisor.  I went on Dr. Athas’s website to inquire about tutoring and received a phone call from him that same night. After speaking with Dr. Athas I knew I had to secure a private tutoring spot. Dr. Athas and myself worked together for 11 weeks before my exam; not only is Dr. Athas knowledgeable about the PANCE exam but he has mastered medicine to the extent that he was able to explain and simplify topics I was confused on in PA school. Above all Dr. Athas never made me feel inferior about any of my questions and he helped to restore my testing confidence level! I recently passed the PANCE exam with a 387 two weeks ago!

I highly recommend anyone who is struggling in PA school or graduates who want thorough understanding of medicine should contact Dr. Athas!



An extremely satisfied PA-C

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I also worked with Dr. Athas to help pass my PANCE. I took the PANCE for the first time 1 month after graduation knowing that I needed time to study. I was devastated when I did not pass that first time and was not far off from passing. I scheduled my exam again immediately after finding out the news for right after the 90 waiting period. Around the time I was set to take my exam the second time, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and I was home studying all day everyday. I did thousands of practice questions thinking this is where I went wrong the first time around. I took my exam the second time (face mask and all) feeling more confident and like I knew more material than before, and was completely devastated to find out that I had only raised my score by 2 points. At this point, I was at a complete loss and had no idea how to move forward. I had been an A/B student all throughout PA school and passed every EOR exam, so I could not figure out why this one exam was so difficult for me. After searching weeks on forums and tutoring websites, I had come to the conclusion that it was not that I did not know the material. Instead, I needed someone to teach me how to answer test questions as well as establish some sort of order to the way I was studying. I had seen Dr. Athas' name appear more than a few times on multiple different PA forums and so I looked on his website. I contacted him via the website and he gave me a personal phone call the next day where he sat there and got my story and said that he could help me. I purchased his online lecture series and started with that on my own first. I followed his plan of watching lectures and then doing practice questions until I was through all the body systems. I then scheduled tutoring sessions with him to go over my highly missed topics. In our phone tutoring sessions Dr. Athas taught me his approach to answering test questions and we not only reviewed all the areas I was unsure about but also went through a series of practice questions together and broke them down. When I went into my test the third time, I took the test just how we had practiced and went through the steps in my head that we had gone over together. He also taught me not to second guess my answers which I have a big problem with and during my test this time I caught myself doing so and stopped it right away. I increased my score by 77 points and passed my PANCE!!

I can't thank Dr. Athas enough for his help and guidance! His online program and phone tutoring sessions were extremely helpful to me and it shows in my score! He really cares about his students and their success and is passionate about medicine and you can tell in his voice and how he teaches.

I am now a certified PA and I truly have Dr. Athas to thank for that! I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with the PANCE. He will sit with you and take the time to make sure you go into the exam a confident student and leave it a certified PA!

All the best, 

A happy PA-C 

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    • By PAssionate20
      I'm looking for private tutoring for  PANCE to help me in certain areas. If anyone tutors please let me know.
      Thank you. 
    • By jathas
      Dear PA Student or PA Grad,
      Since 2012, I have helped 59 students pass the PANCE and PANRE with Online tutoring. My students were from schools all across the United States...
      *Of the 7 first time takers, 100% passed.
      *Of those who had failed once, 97% passed. 
      *Of those who failed twice, 95% passed. 
      *And of those who failed three times, 91% passed after taking my course. 
      These are awesome results.
      Now I am pleased to offer my complete personal Automated AudioVisual PANCE/PANRE tutoring course online.
      This course has taken me over 5 years to develop. 
      It is a complete NCCPA Blueprint oriented AudioVisual PANCE, PANRE tutoring course with dynamic 1,200 Audiovisual pages. 
      This course is a tutoring review of the NCCPA Blueprint.
      This is my complete Reasonably Priced ‘one on one’ tutoring course now online with text and audio. Our AV Tutoring course lasts for over 20 hours.
      I invite you to just visit my website at www.PrecipioLearning.com to watch a free AV sample, listen to our advisory and educational blogs, lists of helpful websites such as http://www.skillstat.com/tools/ecg-simulator also to make any statements or ask any questions you desire.
      I Worked with AND DEPENDED on you Physician Assistants in my medical practice and in the ER over many years and found you all to be dependable and just terrific.
      It is my profound and public sincere opinion that your commitment, resolve, integrity and intellect are the bright Future of Medical care here in the U.S. (and in other countries as well).
      Most Sincerely,
      John Athas, M.D. (retired)
      Level 1 Trauma ER M.D.
      Internist and Instructor in Medicine
      Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fl
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      Does anyone know of a PANCE tutor in the San Francisco Bay Area? 
    • By jathas
      Dear PA Student or PA Grad,
      After personally tutoring PA students matriculating in PA schools for 2 years, I began tutoring graduates who were about to take the PANCE for the first time. 100% of the first five I tutored scored high.
      And since 2012, I have helped 52 students pass the PANCE and PANRE. Of those 3 first time takers, 100% passed.
      Of those who had failed once, 97% passed. Of those who failed twice, 93% passed. And of those who failed three times, 91% passed after taking my course. Those are awesome results.
      Now I am pleased to offer my complete personal PANCE/PANRE tutoring course online. This course has taken me 5 years to develop. It is a complete NCCPA Blueprint oriented PANCE, PANRE tutoring course with 1,200 Power Point slides. This course has been used by students still in school with great success because the student can pick and choose the Topics and Systems the student wants to review.
      This is my complete ‘one on one’ tutoring course online with text and audio, at a fraction of what I charged for personal tutoring. The audio alone lasts for 20 hours.
      I encourage you to visit my website at www.PrecipioLearning.com and ask any questions you wish to ask me.
      Most Sincerely,
      John Athas, M.D.
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      Hi everyone!
      I'm looking for someone who provides private tutoring for the PANCE. Not really looking for a review course company, though recommendations are always welcome. 
      I live in NYC and would really appreciate you letting me know if you know of a good tutor for this specific exam. Also open to review/study groups in the area.
      Thanks so much!!
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