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Class of 2016-2017

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Anyone know if you call/email if they give feedback about what you can improve on for next year? Who would you contact!?


Others have already said it, but definitely Bill Drace! He is so nice and so eager to help. He bluntly tells you what UAB PA wants and what you can do to be the kind of student they're looking for. I met with him a few times times over the past year and I got in my first time applying!

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I'm not sure if anyone has any insight or not, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask -- anyone else still on the waitlist like I am? Or has any idea if they're still extending spots off the waitlist/is the class is full and now we're just waiting to see if someone decides to forfeit the deposit? Trying very hard to be patient and optimistic but it's so tough not knowing anything! Also, congrats to everyone who has been accepted - I hope I get to join you!

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