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Pace University 2016-2017 Application Thread

Guest GoyaHoya69

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Guest GoyaHoya69

Just thought I would start a thread for all those applying this cycle. I was CASPA verified on 6/17 and received email confirmation of their receipt of my application on the same day, 6/17. I guess I'm now just waiting for either an interview invite or rejection.

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I also applied to the program.  I am on the, "please give a chance," end of the requirements. I had a little too much fun/distractions during my undergrad over a decade ago.

Pre-req GPA - 4.0 (post-bac program)

Overall GPA - 3.1

Science GPA - 3.04

Health care = 15,000 hours - Community and Academic Cardiac Cath labs.

PA Shadowing - 50+ hours in interventional cardiology, EP, Surgery

Extras- CME presentations to fire and ems crews, ACLS instructor.


Good luck to everyone.  I am curious to hear who gets offered interviews and how they are carried out.

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Good luck to everyone!  


I'm in the "Please give me a chance" camp for a different reason-- I'll probably have to apply again next year with more health care experience.  


Overall GPA: 3.69

Science GPA: 3.82

Health care: 300 hours (phlebotomy)

PA shadowing-- close to 40 hours in family practice and OB/GYN.

Extras: 13 years of teaching.


Fingers crossed for everyone here!

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