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2016-2017 Cycle

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Hello everyone, just thought I would start this thread for the current cycle.


I'm so so nervous about the process, Drexel is really appealing to me and is my top choice!


CASPA Verified- 5/23


Receipt of Application by Drexel- 5/25


Received invite for interview today!- 6/7


Interview date- 7/21



Anyone else on the same boat as me? I'm SO nervous and excited at the same time, things are getting real. Any information would be HIGHLY appreciated!!! Good luck to everyone, I know how intense this all feels. 

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I just received an interview invitation for 7/21 too!


CASPA verified 5/26, received 5/27, interview invitation sent 6/7.


I'm SO nervous as well! I didn't expect interviews to be scheduled so soon! So excited to officially start the process though.


The older threads on this page make the interview process sound pretty straight forward (I'll be freaking out nonetheless).


I'm from MN so this is kind of a trek for me - does anyone know anything about the campus area/places to stay/eat?

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Congrats to everyone who got invited to interviews so far!


CASPA verified -  today, 6/8


Application received by Drexel - today, 6/8


I'm guessing that I should hear in the next two weeks about the interview based on everyone's timeline so far? So nervous, waiting is always the most difficult!

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Congrats to those who have received an interview invite already!!!!!  I am waiting for my last transcript to be verified by CASPA, so frustrating since it was sent by the school on 5/31 and another transcript that was sent after that is marked received and verified already.  I may have to give CASPA a call tomorrow.  Best of Luck to us all :-)!!!!!

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dbwood what was your timeline? When was your Caspa verified? And does anyone mind sharing your stats with me?


Application Sent: 5/19

CASPA verified: 5/20 

Invitation Sent: 6/7


My Stats:


Graduate of the University of Virginia (Pysch and Neuro) in Dec 2014

cGPA: 3.81

sGPA: 3.94

nsGPA: 3.76


Certified Nursing Assistant

HCE: around 2,500 as a PT Aide, Dialysis Care Tech, and Emergency Department Volunteer

PA Observation Hours: 43 (Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Cardiothoracic Surgery)

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Sounds like you have amazing stats thank you for replying! I was confident but not so much anymore I have about 1500 PCH as an EMT, I hope that's enough.

I think everyone gets caught on the numbers. They can be useful to snag an interview, but you have to have make yourself shine in the interviews for that acceptance letter! PA schools are way more interested in your holistic self rather than a bunch of numbers. 

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Guest GoyaHoya69

I was CASPA verified on 6/17 and received email confirmation of their receipt of my application on the same day, 6/17. Now I guess I just need to wait to see if I will receive an interview invite or rejection.

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Congrats to everyone so far who has been receiving promising news!


Do any of you have a suggestion as to what guys should wear? I was gonna go for the obvious suit and tie- that's the best bet right?


Also, if there is a current Drexel PA student that is on this  this forum, would you mind dropping some general advice about interviews (anything to bring etc) and also telling us what drew you to the school/how the experience is so far?!





so nervous!

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Guest krzabe

I am so sorry to hear that. If you do not mind, could you please post ur stats?

it was because my science GPA was 2.98.... Sadly I calculated it completely different than CASPA so it automatically was a rejection.



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