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South University- West Palm Beach

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Guess this isn't a bad time for me to say I was very unimpressed with the program. One of the interviewers even came across as extremely condescending during my individual interview. Maybe they'll b

I interviewed June 15th and was just  offered a seat!

I interviewed 6/28 and offered a seat yesterday! So excited to meet everyone and start the program. Faculty, all the students, the experience everything was so great.

Awesome!!! Thank you for all of the responses. I interview the 28th. Good luck on those waiting to interview and on admission decisions! Is this anyone's top choice ? I very much like the January start.


Congrats! I also have an interview on the 28th! Guess I'll see you there :) 

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Hey when you guys submitted the caspa and had it verified and as completed status did west palm beach contact you saying you were under review and confirm they had everything first or did they just contact you for interview without any other communication first?

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Hi guys! 


I'm planning on applying to this program and I was wondering if anyone who has been accepted would mind sharing their stats? I realize it's not all about the stats, but I just wanted to gauge what the range was for their acceptances since it's a new program. Please feel free to message me if you don't want to share on the forum. Thank you so much in advance, and congrats to all who have been accepted! :)

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