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Applied to "Advance Practice Clinician" position.... now it says "Nurse Practitioner."

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Allow me to vent my frustration:


In searching for a job in a NP saturated area where most docs only know about NPs and not PAs......


I applied to a position that says "Advance Practice Clinician" and got instant interest from the HR rep. We were talking back and forth and she was going to set up a site visit and interview.

Suddenly she drops off the face of the planet and I cannot reach her for 2 weeks.....

I see the job posting again and it now says "Nurse Practitioner."


I really don't want to leave KY. I am going to be doing cold calls/letters this week.

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I don't know what the laws are like in Kentucky, but it sounds like someone has poisoned the well for PAs there by citing the "paperwork" and "supervisory requirements" and all the largely false stuff. 


It sucks when you can't get past HR or the office manager to the actual doc to present yourself.


Does the Kentucky PA society have stats on PA employment or promotional materials? An advocacy group? 


Do you know any PAs who work locally? A county medical society with a directory?


If you can find ONE PA who works happily with a local doc then maybe you can get in their door to find a network contact to the practice you want and meet someone. 


I am normally not a song and dance type of person but this case sounds like the profession needs positive promotion and facts.


Life shouldn't be this hard, though.

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I agree that life shouldn't be this hard. And I knew that the PA profession was having a hard time in KY when I started, I just didn't realize it was precisely this difficult I guess. Besides, when your dream is to practice medicine and you read all about the PA profession - I couldn't have been more in love with a profession! And I will remain that way regardless of whether or not I have a job! (It just means a painful fight to keep my head above water, lol!)


The only KY PA friend I have actually got out of clinical medicine for this reason. Before I entered PA school I realized that the KY PA website was utter ridiculousness - barely any information, barely functioning and links didn't work.

After didactic I noticed that it was suddenly looking much better, was up and running and had more resources similar to other states. Clearly, it was improved from before. Also, clearly, there is room for MORE advancement of the PA profession in KY.

A few times during my didactic education (you know, during all that free time we had on our hands then, lol) I went to KY PA meetings. On one memorable meeting I went to: the members were addressing issues in KY legislation - the new grad "PAs must be on site with SP for 18 months" and basically attached to SP by the hip - and they were fighting it. (I think it was SB41.) Apparently, when they went to Frankfort to lobby there were a group of NPs there who were telling legislative members (outside of the meeting hall) that we were no more than glorified MAs and how uneducated and inept PAs were in the medical profession when compared to their "long-honored and recognized" profession. That caused an uproar, as you can imagine, among the PAs at the meeting. Apparently, it was immediately addressed by the couple of PAs who overheard the conversation, and the entire group I was there with agreed that further promotion of the TRUTH of the PA profession and what we could do was warranted. This was mid-2014, obviously, and I'm not here to stir the proverbial pot. Still, my experience at witnessing this proved that there is a real fight in our state between NPs and PAs - and I think it's sad because it's the patients in the rural areas that truly suffer.

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    • By ElleThePAC
      I just moved to NoCal (Silicon Valley) area due to my husband's new job. My attending in Florida contacted his friend at a major university here and got me my dream job. I have five years of pediatric surgery experience and have been told that I am expected to train the other NPs in the group (who all have less than or around one year of experience in the subspecialty). I am less than one week into my job and today I found out that one NP (who has just over one year of experience) is being paid slightly more than me. Apparently this institution counts nursing experience as part of their calculations in salary. She told me what her starting salary was which was about 8k lower than me. She has since received a raise and her salary is now just a hair above mine. Part of this is because she was the only one running the show for awhile so they may have been given a performance bonus of some sort. 
      This was very deflating to me given that I have five years of experience being a provider, have an entire OR skillsket, and have been asked by the NPs to proctor them to first assist only to find out that they are being paid more than me. 
      Anyone else run into these situations in this area? From what I have read on this forum the nursing unions are very strong here in NoCal. Does this apply to NPs as well? When I received my initial offer from HR I asked if there was any room for negotiation and was told no because it was based on a scale for my clinical background. 
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      I currently work in a psychiatry practice, they told me that it was hard finding ARNP's to fill the role because they look for PMHNP certification in particular. ARNP's are a dime a dozen but PMHNP are not.
      My 1st job out of PA school was with a Primary Care practice and there was an ARNP that was on her way out. She told me she took a job in psychiatry. So I wasn't sure if she was PMHNP certified because she was already working 1 year with us (the primary care practice).
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      Has anyone seen this on change.org https://www.change.org/p/president-of-the-united-states-independent-practice-for-physician-assistants-and-nurse-pracitioners
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      Hey all,
      I'm having some trouble deciding between becoming an RN or becoming a PA. I know there are many differences between the two professions, but that only seems to make my decision harder. Recently I just got accepted into my schools nursing program, but I'm not sure if I want to go through with it. For a very long time now I have wanted to be a PA but pretty much ruled it out because I thought the path it took to get there would be too hard. I have never been a straight A student (A's and B's with a rare C), and I know GPA is a heavily weighted factor in even getting considered for a PA program, not to mention the work you have to do if you get accepted! I am a very tenacious person. I know getting to PA school would be a challenge, but with all that considered, PA school is always on my mind. I feel like the only reason I am currently going for nursing is because I'm scared I would not be able to get into PA school (and if I don't then I'm kind of stuck). If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it! 
    • By letmein
      I am RN with bachelor's, a mom to a 2 year old (family). I have 1 year experience in psychiatric nursing and 2 years in Med-surg. I had made my decision to go PA route with keeping these following things in mind ( on-campus education, more clinical hour in training while in school, medical model of studying, status quo of working under a physician rather than even after NP be considered a Nurse). 
      PA route entails me to be able to apply to limited schools (1 or 2) due to family obligation and spouse not wanting to move. To retake all pre-requisite since mine are post 9 year mark + apply in next cycle of 2018. Still do not guarantee admission since my eggs most likely will be in one basket. Not to mention the cost and time applied into it.
      NP school i can get started in a year. With minimum admission or pre-requisites needed on my side and less hardship on family. But i am not inclined towards the nursing model nor i have clue over how these NP function on getting a Masters degree online. 
      I am lost on the speciality that i might be interested in making a career out of later in life. I want to work in a well paying job (job is well compensated by counting good hours, no overtime, good benefits. A job where i can balance family responsibilities as well as a fulfilling career ( challenges me on intellectual level, keeps things interesting). I don't think working independently/ autonomy matters too much but i hate micro-management (who doesn't) but love discipline (ex-military/vet). 
      I have only worked in two fields of nursing so highly unsure if i can work under pressure in ER or critical care setting. I did well in psych. 
      P.S i am very empathetic person, with Type B hoping to be Type A personality. Like things neat and organized at all times. 
      Would really appreciate help and advice on navigating a career path. 
      Thanking you all 
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