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Consequences of prerequisite not meeting their standards?

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Hi everyone,

I have been looking through different programs' prerequisites and noticed that some are a bit more particular with which courses fit their prerequisite standards. For example, some make it clear that biochemistry will not count as an additional chemistry course, whereas some will take it. I want to be able to include my highest graded course that will fit each prerequisite when I submit it in CASPA. What kind of consequences are there if a course that I chose to submit to fit their prerequisite does not match their standard? Will they dismiss my application entirely, or look through my transcript to see if there is another course that will fulfill it? 

Thanks for your time!

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What do you mean 'choose to submit'?  You submit everything to CASPA...you must list all courses.

Certain programs have a tab entitled, "Prerequisites," where you can choose individual courses that you entered during Transcript Entry to match with certain prerequisites the program requires you to have. My question is what happens if you choose a course that ends up not fitting their standards for a certain prerequisite, but there is another course in your transcripts that does fit it (you just did not choose it to cover the prereq they asked for)? Will they contact the applicant to choose a different course from your transcript that better matches their expectations for a certain prerequisite or will they go ahead and replace it with a course they see better fit from your transcripts?


In my case, I have two genetics courses. I took the first introductory genetics course during my freshmen year and got a C. The second genetics course is a higher level and more specific. I received an A for this course. I want to be able to enter this course as the prerequisite that fits the genetics requirement for their program. If by chance they did not like this entered in as a course that fits the prereq, what will happen? Will they look over my transcript and see that another genetics course better fits it? Will they return the application back to me to enter a new course for that pre-req? Will they completely ignore my application?

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...CASPA wasn't this detailed when I applied.  They certainly won't 'return' the application to you - once you submit CASPA it's done.  Who knows if they'll look at the rest of your transcript or not - that could vary program to program.  All the schools I applied to had me indicate the courses that met their pre-reqs in the supplemental.  


Bottom line - I think you're overthinking this.  Do the best you can with the information given and that's all you can do.

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I had a similar issue to you but not grade wise just listing prerequisites for programs. When in doubt I simply listed multiple courses that fit the prereq. In my mind it is better to list it and still be considered than to have them search for another course that fits, or as you said, have them reject the application all together.

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