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2016-2017 Application Cycle

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If you are making travel arrangement come at least a day before. There is a hotel super close to the school, like 3 minutes away in car. I would advice to stay there to make it easy on you. The email you will receive is pretty much just to confirm the day and time and to print parking pass. The day most likely will start at 7:30 and finish at 2:00.


But wait for the email in case something change. Also they might send you an email to confirm that you are going. The you will reply that you will or will not. 


I hope it helps and good luck with the interview.

Eren -- Thanks again for this detail.  I didn't book a hotel yet, so I'm going to look into the ones nearest campus.  I do plan on coming the day before, and then flying out immediately after the interview but flights are so limited.  I will wait on the email as well.  


Again, thank you!

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I interviewed last year as well (am now in the class of 2018) and we were done by 1:30 as well. I had a 4pm flight home out of Sky Harbor and was worried about time but I had plenty!



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Thank you, Msangwin!  I appreciate the details -- I'm happy to know I can schedule an earlier flight now versus 10pm! 

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Whoever got accepted, Big congratulation. Can you guys please share about the interview process? Much appreciatThe 

The process is simple. I cannot tell you details. But be yourself, know why you want to apply to that school and as I mentioned before, there is a webpage with the most common 46 questions school ask. answer them and have someone that you dont know to ask you. The interview is not tricky, they want to know who you are that is all. Don't lie just keep it real. :)

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Giving up my interview invite because I got accepted to another program. Hope this helps you guys! Best of luck to all! Know that you are all amazing! :-) 

Congrats on your acceptance. Have you by any chance let Bonnie know that you are giving up the interview slot yet? I am on the waitlist for a sooner interview date so i was just wondering. 

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To those who have interviewed and/or have been accepted,


1. Congratulations!  


2. Can you please provide any insight into the interview style that ATSU uses?  Do they utilize the MMI style or is it a one-on-one/Q &A/conversational style of interview?  


Any information that you are able/willing to provide would be helpful. 


Thank you!

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