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I'm interviewing on September 1st as well. For those who have already interviewed, any advice? Also, what was the general format of the interviews. I've heard they're group interviews but it is only one or multiple interviewers. And is there only one interview each or multiple?


Thanks in advance. :)

So for the interview, my overall advice is to just be yourself and dress professionally! We officially started about 8 am, but before that as people were getting there we all just sat in a room and got to chat and there were also three first year students there as well to answer questions. There was a presentation about the school that lasted about 45 minutes. Then we were split into groups for interviews. My interview was with two other applicants and two faculty members. Just make sure you know why you want to be a PA and why you want to go to Midwestern, and just be yourself! Try to relax, I know I was super nervous when the interview first started. After that we took a tour, had lunch, talked with current students again, and then we were done about 1 pm!

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To all those who got the email stating their application was put "on hold" pending a potential invitation to interview:   I called admissions and asked the following questions:   1) Was there a ce

Congrats to those of you who already received interviews! I'm currently a first year PA student and I absolutely love MWU. I'll be happy to answer any questions you guys have about the application pro

Anyone got interviewed after having a potential interview email?

Does Midwestern really require that GRE scores be above the 50 percentile in each section seperately? I scored a 148quant/158Verbal and 4.0 writing and am wondering if applying is going to be a waste of my money due to the quant score, even though the quant+verbal is above a 300..

https://www.midwestern.edu/programs_and_admission/az_physician_assistant_studies.html states that " Applicants are expected to achieve a score at or above the 50th percentile in each section." 


I would suggest you email admissions to for further information, however, I don't think 148 will be suffice. 

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To anyone who has been accepted, would you mind posting your stats? Just so I can get an idea. Thanks!



On June 29 I received an invitation to interview on August 5, 2016. On August 9th I was notified via email of the acceptance. My stats are:



College: Judson University Honor's Program

Major: Biochemistry

Minors: Spanish, Psychology 

Extracurriculars: Varsity soccer and lacrosse and coaching job. Volunteered summers at orphanage in MX, published research paper.

Overall GPA: 3.66, Science: 3.59 

GRE: Verbal 163 (92%), Quant 158 (71%), Analytic 5 (93%)

Direct Patient Care Hours at time of application: 350 as CNA

Planning to complete roughly 1000 hours

Shadowing hours: 25 a NP and 25 a PA

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Anyone who interviewed this cycle, did you bring/need to bring copies of your resume? And ladies, did you have a big purse? I'll be interviewing on Thursday and I'm not quite sure what to bring. Thanks!


I brought copies of my resume just in case but never needed them! And I brought a black Longchamp purse so on the larger side but it ended up being fine! 

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