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I graduated from from my undergrad last May, I have been working as a medical scribe since graduation in the ED of four hospitals as a part of Lifespan Corporation. I have accumulated 1400 hours of experience to date. After working and meeting many different types of PAs through work I have decided that PA is the perfect fit for me, but this is where things start to worry me. I graduated with an overall GPA of 2.47 with a BS in Biology and minor in chemistry. My four years at School were plagued by a few miss fortunes, such as learning I have ADHD half way through and others, that lead to me to not excel as well as I had hoped. I am currently getting my EMT-B license which I plan on using when I return home this upcoming fall and end my stint as a medical scribe. Now I know my GPA is not nearly as competitive as it should be, so when I return home I am going to retake 6 science courses as well as add on A&P 1/2 and a year of spanish. So my first question is, is there a difference where I take the retakes whether it is community college or a local university? Is one better then another when looking at candidates? Also when I return home I have 2 PAs in different specialties that I plan on shadowing throughout the year. I am just concerned that when I go to apply to schools next summer I won't be close to being a competitive candidate since it would take an immense course load to bring my GPA up to where it should be. Do you have any advise for me as I have had little to no guidance on where to go next or what to do in order to make my self a better candidate.


Feel free to message here or send a private message with advise (serious help)

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Welcome to the site. There have been literally dozens of discussions about people with your questions and in your predicament. Take a day or two to look around the site, check out different threads, and use the search feature. Take your time and please let us know what questions you still have in a day or two. Good luck

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^^ Like Cop said, plenty of threads for low GPA around.  Take a look.


Bottom line, 6 science courses isn't going to fix your 2.47 GPA and you probably won't be applying next year.  You will need to take a lot of courses to raise your GPA and there's no fast way to make that happen.  You can't compensate for it.  Schools won't even look at your app with that GPA so it doesn't matter how good the rest of it is.  Start taking classes, get A's, and keep doing it until your GPA is at 3.0 or better.

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You have to calculate how many hours who need to get at least to a 3.0 GPA. If you just google "GPA predictor" you can find easy to use tools.


As an example, if you have 100 credit hours at your current GPA, you will need 53 credit hours of 4.0 grades to get to 3.0. Assuming each class is 3 credit hours, that is 18 courses. This can help you make decisions about if it is reasonable for you to continue to take classes. But you would need to be sure you can attain 4.0 from here on.

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