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New grad salary in Dallas, TX

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New grad looking to join an Ortho practice in Dallas, TX.  Although I am a new grad, I have about 10 yrs of corporate before switching careers.  I'm currently in salary talks and wanted to see what was reasonable.  There is no call with this position.  They are looking to offer something in the 80k which seems low to me.  There is a bonus but I'm waiting to hear about that structure, CME is 2K, and PTO is 15 days.  Since I will not need benefits (I'm under my husband's) that would save the employer about 7K.


What would be reasonable for salary expectations?  I'm really looking to get on somewhere and stay.  I don't want to be pigeonholed and forced to look for other opportunities due to salary down the road.  Any advice would be appreciated.



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I have a post regarding an upcoming interview in the "Contracts, Negotiations, Malpractice" forum if you want to look - and you can find other posts as well.  I am also a new grad, or at least will be soon!




I don't know how the cost of living, therefore salary requirements, differ, but I have a job interview coming up in Central MI.



  • 48 hours/week (2 days clinic, 3 days OR)
  • $80k base salary
  • 10% collections productivity bonus (a recent new hire netted $30k from this, but I don't know how long it would take me to get there)
  • 10 days PTO
  • 5 days CME
  • other benefits are pretty similar

I am going to get A LOT more information about how much I can really expect to make from the bonus my first couple of years.  But, even still I plan to negotiate for a higher base salary.  I already have a family medicine offer with the same base salary and it's only 36 hours of patient contact (4 hours per week to clear desk, prescriptions, etc.).


Also, in my experience it doesn't matter that you aren't using their benefits.  That doesn't usually equate to higher pay for you, because anything could change to where you all of a sudden need theirs.  So, while you won't be using them, they are still there always waiting for you (and your family).  Also, often it can be a lot less expensive to be a single employee on your health insurance than to be on your husbands...unless kids are involved, then it depends on specific plans.

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