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January 2017 Start

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My application was verified by CASPA a couple weeks ago, around August 15th. I pray it's not too late! How long did it take for you all to receive feedback from the program? I am nervous! 


June 16 - CASPA verified

June 28 - email of acknowledgment in regards to receiving the supplemental

June 30 - interview invitation

July 23 - interview

July 27 - received letter of acceptance


Last year I applied to Bethel very late and was not offered an interview. I submitted my application (already verified) on July 19 and I received the email stating my supplemental had been received on August 13. Good luck!!!

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Guest Matthewtanner

I have my interview Saturday, and hopefully I'm accepted, but I live in Murray, so if anyone wants to get together for a meet and greet, maybe that's something we can coordinate. Ill revisit this opportunity once they've made their decision????.

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