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Hello everyone,


I am a re-applicant and would like to discuss the best possible things to do in order to re-apply.  From what I have gathered, accumulating more direct-patient healthcare experience, taking more science classes, volunteering more, shadowing more PAs, possibly retaking the GRE, re-writing a new personal statement and making sure it is really good, and applying early would be best.


Does anyone else have any other great ideas to give a re-applicant the best chance possible?


I appreciate any and all feedback.  Thanks so much.

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I should also mention, since last time applying, I have accumulated another year of full time patient care experience as a medical assistant (~2,000 hours on top of previously having ~4,000), I have taken an online genetics course, I have obtained my EMT-basic certification, I have about 15 more volunteer hours with local races, and I have about 30 more PA shadowing hours.  I am still working on more volunteer and shadowing hours while continuing to work, but will likely submit my app as soon as I finish re-polishing my new personal statement.

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I think that you pretty much covered what schools want to see as a re-applicant. They just want to see that you have done more to better your application in as many aspects as possible. I took two more science courses and added one more job in a different setting during that waiting period. When I was a reapplicant my mentor told me to express the things that I had strengthened in that year on my personal statement. Obviously don't write a whole statement on it but place it in nicely. It worked out well for me. Sorry if none of this really helps, but good luck to you!



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Hey hopefulPAstudent2016! Like Lola said, I think you've done everything you can over the past year to strengthen your application. If you're reapplying to any specific programs this year, I would call and ask them what you can do to improve your application. That way, you'll get your reassurance and you can also double check to make sure you've done everything they're looking for. I do have one question though, and you don't have to answer it if you don't want to, just think about it. Did you get any interview invites last cycle? If so, my next plan of action would be to start working on improving interview skills and such. If that's not the case then I think you've covered your basis. Good luck and I hope things work out for you! :)



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