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I really want to apply this year and see if I get in. My GPA is very low with a cGPA of 3.19 and pGPA of 3.09.
I have 500 hrs as a pharm tech, 200 hrs as a volunteer, 50 hrs as a CNA
Seeing this, I know I would have to work on my HCE 2-3 years in order to get into PA school. 
My question is, even if I put in the commitment of working 2-3 years and accumulating HCE, will it be worth it??? Seems like the average GPAs to get into PA school are getting higher and the average HCE among applicants are getting lower..
I am also considering going into nursing first and working a few years to get experience, raise my GPA, and pay off my undergrad loans before applying to PA school.

Please let me know what you all think.

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Don't apply this year.  Get HCE.  If you get 3 years of good HCE, maybe take a few classes to bump up your GPA, you've got a shot.


Students who apply with no HCE have nearly 4.0 GPAs ....you can't compete against that.

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Only you can decide if 2-3 years of accumulating HCE is worth a chance to go to PA school. Keep in mind that 1 year of full time work is ~2000 so you could even apply after a year or so of working full time; with a great PS and LORs you could have a shot.

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Nursing is great experience and provides a lot of learning and job opportunities. But nursing school is also competitive and difficult, so only go this route if it is something you are interested in doing for a few years because the profession interests you. Otherwise, if you're just looking for something to get hce hours, CNA or EMT cert programs are good options. Good luck to you & enjoy the journey!

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Yes, I am aware that scribing is not accepted universally as HCE. I have researched and asked admission counselors from the schools I wanted to apply to and they all have told me that being a medical scribe is acceptable. I can also take into the account that I get to shadow numerous PA's in the ER. 

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Yes, I am aware that scribing is not accepted universally as HCE. I have researched and asked admission counselors from the schools I wanted to apply to and they all have told me that being a medical scribe is acceptable. I can also take into the account that I get to shadow numerous PA's in the ER. 

If money isn't an issue for you then I say go ahead and apply. It doesn't hurt and who knows you might get an interview. If you have a really amazing strong personal statement and really amazing LORS, then you have a chance. Research programs that you are interested in and write a personal statement based around the qualitiles that the program is looking for in students. Go to the writing center, go to different advisors and have them read it multiple times until its perfect.  Also, applying this year will help you learn a lot about the process and the CASPA application because its pretty confusing. (atleast for me) If you don't care where you go then I would suggest looking up brand new programs who don't have high GPA stats. I have known people who have gotten in with your stats because they have other really great qualities and applied to certain schools. Try to find schools who don't have a HCE minimum


Some schools like re-applicants. I know that the schools in my state tell you that they really like reapplicants because it shows that they are committed to their program. I don't know the exact statistics but 20 of the 50 reapplicants at my state program got accepted the second time they applied. Even if you don't get in this year, it might give you a boost to the schools that appreciate re-applicants. I know that applying to schools is expensive, and if you don't want to spend the money then that is understandable. But if you don't care, then I say go for it. 


I don't really know what schools you are wanting to go to, but if you let me know then ill help you out! Good luck

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      I was wondering if anyone knew how CBU calculated their prerequisite GPA? Do they do it on their own? Do they take your highest course if you’ve repeated a pre req? 
      If anyone has any info it is greatly appreciated!
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      Also, I'm trying to compile a list of PA schools to apply to, so if anyone has any recommendations for schools on the east coast please let me know! 🙂
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      Hi everyone! This is my first post so be forgiving if I don't have proper forum etiquette lol. So I am extremely nervous to apply this cycle, 2021-2022, because I feel as though my application is not going to be that strong. Here's what I have (keep in mind that I am a junior in college, so I have some more classes to take):
      cGPA: 3.27
      sGPA: right now I have a 3.1, but after this semester I am thinking that it will be around a 3.3
      HCEs: over 2,000 as a CNA
      I haven't asked for LORs yet, but I am sure that those I ask will highly recommend me (crossing my fingers!).
      I don't have as many volunteer hours as I would like, around 50, but I am currently working on them. 
      I am also involved on campus as an Orientation Leader, I am the President of Nature Club, the treasurer of a History club, and I am also apart of many other clubs, I am just not holding any positions in them. I don't know if this is relevant or not but I also take juijistu classes off campus. 
      I did have some mishaps happen throughout college, I earned a C- in human A&P, and I had to retake biochemistry. I'm not sure if I should retake human A&P to raise my grade and GPA or let it go. I am going to apply this cycle to programs that do not have a minimum letter grade, but I am honestly so worried that these schools won't even look at my application because of my GPA and my A&P grade. 
      Any and all recommendations are welcome, thank you!
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