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Dazed and Confused about PA School...

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You're probably all sick of reading threads that ask about people's personal chances at getting into PA school...and I'm sorry because this thread is no different.

I am a graduating senior at the University of Dayton with a cumulative GPA of 3.49. My science GPA is around 3.40-ish and I have strong letters of recommendation.

I have a decent amount of clinical hours. I've worked hands on at a free clinic for 2 years and gained approximately 200 hours there, and I've also gone on a medical brigade to Nicaragua where I gained about 120. I have about 100 volunteer hours from different organizations too, along with PA shadowing hours.

I will be taking a gap year and working as a patient care assistant, where I will gain tons (hopefully a few hundred) of hands on patient care hours by the time programs start in the fall of 2017. I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I plan to do very well on that. 

Any input that you guys have would be great. I am really stressing over this! I love medicine and helping others, so being the strongest applicant that I can be is very important to me.

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If you work for a full year (you should work the whole time during your gap year, no?) you should gain much more than a few hundred hours.  In the realm of applying for PA school a 'ton' of HCE is several thousand! hours.  A year of full time work should net you around 2000 hours.  Get that and apply smartly and you've got a chance.

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Applying now will put you in for the classes matriculating in the summer/fall of 2017. You don't have the HCE for that. Take the next year to work and build HCE. Apply when CASPA opens in spring, 2017 and you'll be ready for fall, 2018.

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Hi there! Are you applying to the University of Dayton as well? I just applied there myself. Was wondering if you would like to review my stats to see where I would stand?


Graduation Date: April 2014

University: Oakland University (Rochester, MI)

Major: Bachelors of Health Sciences with concentration in Integrative Holistic Medicine


Pre-Req GPA: 3.6


Advanced Human Anatomy- 3.7

Human Anatomy Lab- 3.2

Advanced Human Physiology- 4.0

Physiology Lab- 3.7

Clinical Microbiology- 3.9

Microbiology Lab- 4.0

Organic Chemistry- 4.0

Organic Chemistry Lab- 3.9

Medical Biochemistry- 3.5

General Psychology- 3.1

Developmental/ Lifespan Psychology- 3.5

Statistics- 3.0

Medical Terminology- 3.4


Overal CASPA GPA: 3.12


Patient Contact Hours: 3,900 (paid, Certified Nursing Assistant)


Healthcare Experience: Dental Office Manager, Care Management Administration


Shadowing Hours: ~70 (Trauma, Surgical Service, Rapid Response, and Neurology)


Letters of Reccomendation: 1 from Neurology PA (I work with her on my hospital unit), 1 from a Derm/GI PA (I volunteered at her clinic in Chicago), 1 from my unit manager, and 1 from a professor (professor for my biochem/pathology courses, conducts breast cancer research at OU).


Extra Curricular/Volunteer:


Pre-PA Society, Vice President (Oakland University)

Keep Detroit Beautiful, Brand Ambassador (Detroit, MI)

Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Executive Board Member, Volunteer Coordinator

Gamma Phi Beta, Recruitment/ Chapter Advisor (Beta Chapter- University of Michigan)



GRE: I had a low GRE the first time I took it.... but I am retaking at the end of the month. (University of Dayton does not require the GRE)


Any recommendations for me? I am currently taking a few courses just to keep up with my studies. I currently work at the hospital, volunteer, and am prepping for a mission trip in December.


Please feel free to give me any tough love!

Don't thread jack. Post in a thread already open about chances, or start your own thread.

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Go Dayton! Wright state grad here and 25 yr Dayton resident. I wouldn't even do the gap year necessarily. Couple of my best friends in my program got in with zero HCE whereas Others like me have + 10K hours. Do good on that GRE though :) good luck you seem pretty good to me!



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