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Hey all!  


I am getting ready to interview for a dermatology "residency" position at a very large and expanding dermatology clinic with offices that serve almost the entire state I live in.  After requesting the interview with me, the company sent me a very simplistic form of the terms of the contract for residency prior to interviewing.  Holy crap, it is a DOOZY. So, without further ado...


4 Year MINIMUM contract. 

1st yr:  "fellowship pay" = $30,000/yr

2nd-4th yrs:  $90,000 + 25% production bonus above $400,000 in collections

$2000 CME

Licensing fees/textbooks/equipment paid

Full benefits (paid?  not paid?  not sure.)

Covered malpractice w/ tail.

No mention of PTO or vacation days.


3 Year RESTRICTIVE COVENANT for 30 mile radius of all clinics this practice owns (not just the one you worked in).  Thus, you are basically barred from employment unless you leave this area for good.  Or, it's a $100,000 buyout.  I'm PRETTY CERTAIN RCs are not enforceable, especially without a partnership agreement.


There you have it, folks.  I haven't canceled the interview yet, because my curiosity is piqued to hear their logic behind this befuddling term sheet. But I'm certainly not signing up for anything remotely close to that. 

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Only way I would even consider that salary is if they were going to pay off all of my student loans in that one year without any repercussions if I left during years 2-4, but even then I wouldn't do it since so many others offer loan repayment AND you are taking at least a $60k salary cut assuming you get no bonus (which is not realistic in derm)

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Please post this programs name so that others can avoid it like the plague...


Just insane that anyone would think this is a reasonable offer.....


No to salary

No to contract length

No to non-compete clause



RC's are dependent on the state law

In my state Doc's can not have RC on them at all, no case law that I am aware of for PA


BUT even for those that they can do - in general they can not harm your ability to make a living, certainly that one is horrid....



Honestly it sounds like they are just clueless on the PA role...

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I've learned more about this practice...  apparently (according to a few pharmaceutical sales reps), the practice owner has been walking around his clinics recently asking his current dermatologists & PAs to sign these wild 3 year NCs.  When they don't sign, they are forced to resign.  Thus, several good dermatologists and PAs have walked recently. It appears to me that he is more enamored with money than the well-being of his patients/employees.   Apparently this clinic once had a glowing reputation as one of the best practices in the area, and now there is so much turnover that patients are becoming uncomfortable.  

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