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CASPA Launch 2016-2017 Tips

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5 Tips for CASPA Opening Day


Here at CASPA, we gear up for months to be ready for the exciting moments that lead 

up to our opening day!   We get extra sleep, we wake up early, get an extra shot of 

espresso in our coffee and we arrive all smiles! 


Opening day— this year Wednesday April 27th—is an exciting time for us and our 

applicants.   They are excited to take the first step towards becoming PAs— and we are 

beaming with delight to welcome them. Now, we can do all the things to get ready, but with the high numbers of you who are ready to begin your applications, opening day is always a bit of a frenzy! To make sure 

you have a great experience, avoid frustrations and reduce any unnecessary anxiety, 

here are five things to do and know:


1. Be Prepared. If you thoroughly understand the process and have all of your 

materials ready, you’ll be in good shape to sail through your application. In fact, 

you will likely have a better experience if you spend an extra day or two 

preparing your materials rather than rushing to create an application.


2. Read Up If it’s been awhile since you checked out our FAQs, you might want to 

review how to prepare pre-launch and learn about application deadlines.


3. Don’t Obsess About Applying on Opening Day!  It’s not Black Friday or a 

concert, so relax...a little.  We know you’ve worked hard to get to this point and 

we want to help you on the way to this important goal. Remember, the 

application will be available at night, the next day and the weekend, and for days 

and days after that.  You’ve got enough stress in your life and you can avoid 

additional tension by simply waiting a day or two to create your account.


4. Anticipate Delays. With so many folks trying to apply on opening day, all 

elements of our operation may move a bit more slowly. Our teams are certainly 

trained, ready and eager to serve you during the next cycle but wait times may 

be a bit higher for the first few days of the application season.  We thank you in 

advance for your understanding and patience. 


5. Skip Opening Day. Don’t take the day off from work or school to complete the 

application on April 27. Save your time off for hiking, shopping, or a vacation! 

We realize you are excited, eager and probably a bit nervous about this process. Be 

assured our teams understand the importance and the stress that comes with the 

application process. We hope you will take our advice, be well prepared, enjoy a few 

extra days of spring and then undertake a successful application cycle!

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