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Masters in wilderness medicine

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I am about to graduate from PA school and I am now applying for some ER fellowships.  My PA school is not a masters program.  I have the opportunity to do the St. Francis Masters for under 10K which is cheap, but don't really see the benefit other than an extra bullet-point on my resume. I am interested in doing wilderness/expedition/rural medicine after I get some years of experience.  I was wondering if there is an actual masters program that would better prepare me and be more practical than the alternative? Thanks 

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You will never regret doing the St. Francis program.  In less than 10 years it will make a crucial difference to not have a masters.  You can then collect wilderness/disaster/tropical medicine CME and diploma courses to add to your CV.   Those retiring soon I would not worry about not having a masters, but if you are below the age of 45, it will make a big difference.  

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