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New PA-C and the right questions to ask in private practice position

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Hello: I'm new to the forum and hoping to seek out advice from Seasoned PA-C working in plastics/dermatology private practices. I just finished an interview with a Maxillofacial surgeon who has a private practice in a well to do town in Connecticut. She has over 20+ yrs experience, has been in her current location for 10 yrs, is well respected with great reviews online, has degrees from Harvard and Columbia and also is a professor of dentistry. She does not have any partners at her practice and is looking for a PA-C to help free up her busy day to day routine. My question to the seasoned PA's is...what should I beware of when looking at a private practice with only 1 physician? Are their written policies that she should have in place for having a PA? Are private practices required to have contracts for any new clinicians coming on board?? Is it typical to have the PA-C help organize her staff if she's attempting to make changes? This is a speciality I would like to start my career in and having this experience would allow me to get my foot in the door as its hard to get into this type of speciality as a new graduate. The surgeon is interested in me and I'm going to 2 observation days at her practice to determine if this is something I can see myself doing. But what concerns me is the initial hourly rate she proposed vs the probation period but there is opportunities for referral bonuses and medispa opportunities. I could really use some advice as this is my first experience with private practice negotiations (wayyy different then what I've seen in a hospital type setting) and I just want to ensure that I'm not being taken advantage of. Any advice, suggestions or tips would be very appreciative!!!!

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Oh I am so curious if any seasoned plastics PAs can help with this.  I am in a similar situation of completed interviews with a solo private practice plastic surgeon.  I like her, but she's not had a PA before.  The pay and benefits are lower than other organizations I have spoken with.... I have one observation day coming up with her.  I feel like she doesn't fully understand what her future PA will be doing.  Good luck to you!

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