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NEW Physician Assistant Links and Resource Library

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I started a thread several weeks ago about our NEW Physician Assistant Links and Resource Library. At that time we got some excellent feedback on how it could be improved. To see the original thread, click here.


We have now revamped the library considerably to make it more user-friendly. Please check it out. Here's the link: http://physician-assistant-ed.com/physician-assistant-pa-links-and-resource-library/


I'm sure you'll find that it will be an excellent resource to bookmark and refer to in the future. Best of all, it's 100% FREE! I've shared three quotes below that we received about the library even before making these recent updates. So take a look and provide us with some more feedback :)


"The links page is amazing. I have navigated it multiple times and keep finding myself going from link to link. Doing a Google search for this information could take days. The links make a lot of information available in an easily accessible format."

"I started looking at the Link Library on my 30 minute dinner break…. I lost track of time! Thank you so much for putting it together!"

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the links section!!! so incredibly useful… thanks for all your hard work on this!"


David Payne PA-C

President and Founder


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It looks like a great resource. I suggest having the subcategory lists as links(the lists that show up after clicking on Prospective PA Library, PA Student Library, etc.) instead of requiring the user to click the category, and then go to another page to click the subcategory, and then finally get to the list of subcategory links. That will trim a bit of the navigation fat and provide a smoother user experience.

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@wutthechris That's a great idea, thanks for the feedback. It will be especially helpful to have the subcategories as links on the categories page for users who have become familiar with the general navigation scheme. They would still always have the option of going to the subcategory page if they wanted to read the descriptions for each.


@msctc2013 Glad you like it! If you ever have comments or suggestions please don't hesitate.


David Payne

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Update - for those of you who were using Internet Explorer we discovered that it was not interpreting the code correctly. We had to modify a few things. It's now corrected. So if you were unable to see the main page because you were using that sorry excuse for a browser, please try again!


David Payne

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