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I've shadowed in several areas, and I'm really drawn to emergency medicine. I would love to become an EMT after I graduate undergrad. However, I'm from Northern California, and there really aren't very many EMT jobs. But there is a HUGE need for caregivers/CNAs. I mean like a crazy amount. So I could either spend 2 semesters training for an EMT-B and have low job prospects, OR just work as a CNA with a company that trains. 


I would prefer to be an EMT, but that's going to take longer, and I have to pay for another year of school.

I don't know that I would like being a CNA (my grandma has Alzheimer's and I spent a lot of time in nursing homes, not really my scene) BUT it means I could start accruing hours wayyyy sooner and I would be making money right away.

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