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I have 6 months of experience as a hospitalist. 




Family practice offer:



Hours - 40-50 per week. 9-5 for four days and 1 day 12- 8. Also, within those hours would be nursing homes if needed.  Call with call phone 1:4 for weekends. 


2 year contracted position and a 2 year non compete clauses within 30 miles after contract ends. 


base salary of 75,000K plus bonus incentive clause- during each 12 month period of employment, will receive bonus equal to 20 percent of collections in that period from services rendered by me in excess of 2 times the sum of base salary and business expenses and benefits.


3 wks vacation ( 15 days paid vacation, 2 sick days, 1 holiday)


500 for CMF


Practice pays 300 /month toward health/dental/and vision insurance

401 after1 year of employment



I can't decide if this is a fair offer. On average, how much do family practice PAs  bring to the practice if they see about 20-25 pts per day?

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Yeah, that no-compete clause is pretty brutal. I wonder why they feel the need to be so restrictive? Are they able to give you any idea of what kind of "bonus" you could expect? 75k is low, but maybe the bonus will make up for that. If you make 90k after the bonus and work 45 hours per week, that comes out to $38 per hour. Just based on the numbers, it doesn't seem like a great package to me. Are they willing to negotiate?

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seems low. if you work 200 hrs/mo with 1:4 call that should be > 100k with FULL bennies, all licenses, full medical/dental/visison/min 1500 cme, etc/retirement/life insurance/etc

walk away.

my first job out of school 20 yrs ago paid almost that well(70k) with fewer hrs and better benefits....and no call....

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Same as everyone else: that non-compete is ridiculous, the pay is low especially when you consider that you are taking call, and when you consider they still haven't responded about how much the bonus usually is I would tell them exactly what it would take for me to take the job.  If they counter I say thank you and find something else.

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