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Need advice for hourly wage for PRN coverage

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Hi all,


Looking for advice. I am being interviewed for a PRN position for occupational and primary care position. I have 5 years of occupational and primary care working experience. The job does not pay for health insurance, vacation or sick time, no CME money. The job is 45 mins commute one way and there is no payment for car maintence or miles.


I need to know what hourly wage I should be asking for? I am thinking $50 per hour. Is that too much? Too little?


Help please, I am clueless. Thank you for reading.

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I would not accept less then $75/hour and would ask for $85


They have essentially ZERO overhead to have you on the payroll


Think about it - you see a SINGLE patient an hour and you pay your salary.... You see two patients and you have made 50% for you and 50% for them....


Per diem doc's are not available, and when they are they are well north of $100/hour......


Don't sell yourself short....

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Thank you all for enlightening me. I had no idea I was underselling my skills. The work location is 45 mins north of a very saturated pool of new graduate PA/NPs. I am currently staying at home taking care of two toddlers. A PRN job is not ideal because I would have to scramble to find a babysitter. I can't seem to find part time jobs where I live. I want a balance of taking care of my kids and having a career. Thank you for your advice.

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