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Almost Final Narrative- anyone willing to review?

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You definitely have good things in this narrative. I would work to integrate your story at the beginning into the rest of the narrative. It kind of sits by itself right now. Talk about a similar experience you had with a PA or reference this story later in the narrative.

The second to last paragraph is like a bulleted list of advantages to being a PA. While it's good that you know this, it's important to show it. Talk about a specific PA you talked to and their experiences. Or compare your work-life balance as an Investment Portfolio Analyst to what you'd rather have. PA Admissions don't just want to hear about your experiences, that's all in your application, they want to see your reflections on those experiences and how it's led you to wanting to become a PA.
Work on your transitions and show a little more reflection, and I think you will have a final draft.

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