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Has anyone applied to NHSC loan repayment program and did NOT get the award?

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I'm talking about the NHSC loan repayment program (for practicing PAs), not the scholarship program (for students).  I know that the clinic site score has to be >14-26 to receive up to $50K for a time commitment of 2 years, and that the priority of funding goes to the higher scored clinics.  There are a couple urban clinics near me that have site scores of 15 and 16, and I'm just wondering how likely it would be to receive award money through those sites.


 Has anyone applied and did NOT get the award?


I've researched the forums and through google, but didn't find too much feedback for any applicants from recent years ie) 2014, 2015. 

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So, the key here is to call the site and ask for the director.  They typically award two applicants a year per site.  And sometimes these applicants are already current employees awaiting approval.  So, the director should be able to give you an idea if you are likely to be granted loan forgiveness upon hire.  I did apply and was denied not because of other applicants but b/c I had consolidated my student loan debt with my husband- NEVER do this!!!!  I was never told that I would be denied repayment when consolidating.  My loans totaled $99K, my husbands total was $1,800.  Needless to say I puked for a few hours after I was denied, and then continued to work at that center for 2 1/2 yrs and it was probably the best job I had ever had.  

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I've researched the forums and through google, but didn't find too much feedback for any applicants from recent years ie) 2014, 2015. 


This has been discussed at length on this forum.


To review:


The repayment program IS competitive. Which means its not a guarantee. The magic number is 13 and above to even qualify.


You have to HAVE a job at a qualifying site BEFORE (or at least a signed contract) you apply (as I remember).


The REAL time frame can be nearly three years. This is b/c the 2 year commitment DOES NOT start until you are awarded the loan repayment. Which means you apply in say Jan, don't get awarded til Aug/sept. Your 2 years start in Aug/Sept, not Jan. That's part of the hook, they Say its a 2 year commitment, but not really. They tell you that you have to basically being working before you even apply (which many people do), so you uproot yourself and maybe your family to a place that perhaps you would not other wise live on the hopes/expectations that you will get the loan repayment....... then you don't.   


There IS a restriction to the number of people per site who will get approved. If I remember correctly its 2.


You can consolidate loans (prior to applying), BUT every loan you consolidate/have consolidated MUST qualify on its own standing BEFORE you consolidated it (them).


Lastly, you should go to the NHSC site it spells it all out for you. All the information (and then some) can be found on the site. You should spend some time reading this web site.   


Lastly, lastly, Don't take my word as accurate or correct, I am writing this from memory. I have not looked at the requirements from the NHSC for some time, I suggest that you do your due diligence and research for your self.   

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Working at a clinic group now with a site score of 15. I was hire last year after the application period had closed. Two colleagues, one PA, one NP were both denied repayment last year. However, I work with a PA that has been getting repayment for the last 5 years. Maybe it is easier to renew after receiving an original reward?

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